Fitfirst White Noise Sound Machine
Hi Everyone!  Today I’m sharing my my review of my Fitfirst White Noise Machine.  As some of you know my son has sensory processing disorder.  His therapist often suggests that he falls asleep to white noise and or listen to classical music while he sleeps.  I recently received this white noise machine and wanted to share my thoughts with you.… (0 comment)

Fitfirst Christmas Light Projector
Hi Everyone!  Today I’m sharing my my review of my Fitfirst Christmas Light Projector.  We used to climb on our roof to put up lights every year and my husband and I both discovered we really didn't like doing it, all the time it took, and taking them down in the cold weather was terrible.  I have been looking at these new light projectors for a while and I thought I would share my thoughts on this one with you.… (0 comment)

DIY Household Cleaners
Many of you know I like a clean house. I have also been working hard doing the research on eliminating chemicals in my home. I have some DIY household cleaners that I am using to share with you.… (6 comments)