Kitchen Island/Storage Self Hack

Kitchen Island/Storage Self Hack
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Making a kitchen island or storage shelf is so easy!  This will come in handy if you don’t have much counter space, don’t have a linen closet, need some extra shelves somewhere, etc.

To start you’ll need 3 Parson’s End Tables and I purchased mine at Walmart.  They are usually $10 each, but I ordered them online for in store pick up and I got a discount!

For the Kitchen Island – I put 2 of the tables together.  It was really easy – just screw in the legs.

For the third table, I drilled the holes just a little bigger so I could fit rolling wheels in them.

I had these wheels on hand, but they sell them at Dollar Tree.  If you don’t want to put wheels on it, or you are intimidated by power tools, you could attach floor sliders onto the bottom instead.

Use some E6000 or glue of your choice and put on the bottom of the legs on 2 of your tables.

Stack your tables on top of the table top with wheels.

Add dishes, cookbooks, whatever you want to use the added space for.  On top use it as a cutting board or service tray.

It’s great if you don’t have a lot of counter space.

Okay onto the storage shelf option…

For this you’ll put together all 3 tables, add the E6000 to the bottom of 2 of the tables legs, and stack them on top of each other.

Add storage baskets to the shelves…

Use it as a decorative shelf to hold plants, books, decor, and I added a basket underneath to hold blankets.

Use it in your bathroom to hold towels, toilet paper, tissue, wash clothes, decor, and underneath I added a trashcan.

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