Upcycled TV Trays – I Had No Idea on the Family Fun They’d Become!

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We have had these family TV trays for years. I grew up with them sitting in front of the TV eating TV dinners on a Friday night – and we all thought that was a “treat”. They came with me to college, and now my home where I’ve used them at playgroups, for my kids, etc. They have been well loved and were in need of an up-cycle.

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Materials Needed:

ChalkBoard Paint – I used Rust-oleum

Paint brushes

Spray paint for legs – I used Rust-oleum Metallic Silver

I pulled off the legs and sprayed them with the spray paint. I let them dry between each coat. The tray top, I followed the chalkboard paint instructions. It went on nice and easy. I put on about 3 coats, letting it dry according to the instructions between coats.

After letting the paint set for the amount of time specified on the paint can, it was time to “season” the chalkboard. You take a piece of chalk and use it sideways all over the chalkboard paint.

Here is the completed chalk “seasoning”.

Next you wipe off all the chalk with a cloth.

This is what it looked like when it was all done.

My kids are in love with these trays. We can use them just as TV trays, or we have used them for games as you see here. My kids grab colored chalk and doodle on them. They are metal trays so we can use them to practice spelling with magnetic letters. We are just having a blast with them. I’m so glad we up-cycled them this way.

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  1. Great idea for updating an old metal TV tray! I love chalkboard paint. I should look for a couple of these at a garages sale or thrift store. My grandkids would love them. 🙂

    1. Thanks Linda, my kids have so much fun with them and I’ll bet your grandkids would have fun with them too 🙂 They are really helpful during the cold/rainy days when you need something to do.

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