Stay On Task with these Office Organization Tips

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Here are some helpful tips to stay on task using these office organization tips.

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What strategies do you use to keep organized? How do I keep my office organized? Here's how to stay on task with these office organization tips.

Though some companies have encouraged their employees to return to the office, the good news is many have found that working remotely is a viable, cost-saving option for their business. It’s unlikely that the workforce will ever return to functioning in exactly the same way it did before the COVID-19 pandemic, for better or for worse.

While working from home has its advantages, it can be difficult to stay productive with the myriad of outside distractions that remote work comes with. While distractions are harder to ignore, by implementing these four organizational strategies for your work environment, you can maintain sustained attention and maximize your productivity.

Keep your desk tidy

The most important place to keep organized in your office is your desk space. An untidy work surface is distracting, and you don’t want to have to rifle through clutter to find what you need. You can use cups and holders as a great way to store pens, highlighters, clips, and other office supplies if you don’t have drawer space. An in-out tray may be the best way to organize paperwork. If you don’t mind the aesthetic, put a corkboard on the wall behind your desk to pin a to-do list or daily checklist. You can also use it to organize all those little sticky notes you write for yourself. 

Cable management for all your electronic devices is also important for your workspace. There are many ways you can tidy up your cables, the easiest way is to gather them all up and tie them together with zip ties. Once you’ve done this, attach them to the back of your desk and direct them down towards the outlet or power bar. 

Storage, storage, storage! 

Regardless of how big or small your space is, the most important thing to add is storage. If you prefer a minimalist look, opt for hidden storage options. The best solution may be getting a desk with drawers or filing cabinets. Cube storage shelves are also a great option, as you can add coordinating boxes to fill the holes. With all that clutter hidden away, you can give your full attention to the work in front of you. 

For those that don’t mind – or even prefer – more open-concept storage designs, floating wall shelves, bookcases, and even over-the-door hanging storage systems are all great options. As long as everything has its place, you’ll have no problem keeping it organized. 

Create a filing system

Your filing system should help you find important things in less time and should be tailored to your own unique needs. This might mean you choose to organize files by date, category, alphabetically, or a combination of all three. Record your system on an Excel spreadsheet so you can easily refer back to it when wondering where you’ve put something.

It’s not just those paper documents that you need to keep tidy, but the files on your computer as well. A full hard drive can actually cause your computer to overheat and potentially erase your saved files. To prevent this from happening to you, visit and follow the steps to help your computer run better – and safer. 

I added the snacks I wanted into my snack box and placed it in my office. I was able to add tea, a mug, a spoon, some protein bars, and nuts. I placed it next to a container holding water for my tea. I can fill my cup and place it on my mug warmer.

Add your favorite decor 

The aesthetic appeal of your home office can actually influence your ability to stay organized and on task. Working in a pleasant environment increases your energy levels and helps you stay motivated to accomplish your daily tasks. This might mean putting up a few of your favorite prints, adding some plants which can have a positive effect on your concentration and mood. Consider adding a colorful rug underneath your chair and desk. You can even create a snack station for your office to keep those blood sugar levels up and create an environment you love. You spend a lot of time each week in this room – make sure it’s a place that you want to be! 

Other simple tips for productive work at home:

  • silence mobile phones
  • take short breaks
  • don’t leave unfinished tasks at the end of the day
  • do some physical activity during the day to increase focus
  • if possible work in a private room to minimize distractions
  • based on your focus time and attention span determine the best time of day when you are most productive
  • establish a daily routine

Do you think you can stay on task with these office organization tips? How do you keep your home office organized? 


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