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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Suncatcher/Picture

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Suncatcher/Picture
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This St. Patrick’s Day art is easy and inexpensive. Great for crafting night with your friends and a fun project for kids.

You will need:
A picture frame (Dollar Tree)
Green glass rocks (Dollar Tree)
Green permanent marker or paint pen (Dollar Tree)
Hot Glue or Clear School Glue
First take the back off your frame.
Place your pennies on the front of the frame to spell the word “Luck”.
Hot glue or clear school glue your pennies into place.
Put your green clear glass stones onto the glass and create shamrock shapes.  Glue the rocks into place.
Use your green permanent marker or paint pen to create stems on the shamrocks.
Place the backing back on the frame. You can pick your desired background color.
To make it a sun catcher, leave the backing off and press the prongs in back onto the glass to hold it in place.

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