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Easy Way To Arrange Flowers

Easy Way To Arrange Flowers
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I have never thought of myself as good at arranging flowers – I admit it. I wanted to bring some of my lavender in to enjoy and came up with a very easy way to arrange flowers and you don’t need to be a pro to do it! It’s so easy and inexpensive – you can even adjust this idea to for bigger arrangements too.

For this project you will need:

Flowers of your choice

Scissors or desired tool for cutting flowers

Salt/seasoning shaker (or on a bigger scale – see ideas below)


I’m going to use a simple seasoning shaker for this small arrangement. I got this shaker in a set of 5 for $3 at Target. I had converted my seasonings in my cabinet to look a little nicer and I had a few extras.

Count how many holes are in your shaker so you’ll know how many flowers you’ll need.

Next you will go out and use your cutting tool of choice to cut the number of flowers to match the number of holes in your shaker.

I just used a scissors for my flowers.

Here is a picture of my cut flowers. I needed eleven for my shaker.

Decide on the length you want your flowers to be and trim them to size with your shaker. You will also need to pull off the leaves that are in the way of placing your flowers into the vase. I decided to pull off all the leaves from my lavender for a cleaner look.

Pull off your shaker lid and fill your shaker with water.

Place the lid back on and start putting your flowers into the holes in the shaker.

Here are all my flowers in my shaker. Feel free to trim any you feel need to be trimmed to get the look you want.

Place your flower display somewhere in your home to enjoy or give it away as a gift.

This idea could be adapted to different size shakers. You could use a sugar/red pepper size shaker, or you can even buy shaker lids to fit mason jars and use this same technique.

I placed my lavender in my bathroom and it makes me smile while I’m getting ready in the morning and evening.

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