4 DVD Case Hacks!

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Yes it’s time for another challenge – DVD Hacks! We all have them and I tend to donate the movies we are done with. However – what do you do with them if something happens to the DVD – it’s scratched, lost, etc? Here are a few DVD case hacks that I came up with…

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Wall Art –

I bought these wall stickers from Dollar Tree.

I cut some gray marble card stock to fit inside the DVD sleeve, placed a sticker on each card stock piece, and slid it into the DVD case.

I hot glued the cases together. You could use a more permanent glue like E6000 or super glue if you like.

I used double stick tape on the back and I hung it up above our pantry in our kitchen.

Dry Erase Board/Command Center –

I measured and cut white paper to place on the DVD cases under the sleeve.

I decided to use 6 DVD cases for a larger white board/command center and I set them up like this.

I hot glued the edges together. You could use a more permanent glue if you like.

Use dry erase markers to write on the sleeve, and it wipes right off.

I glued 4 magnets onto the 4 corners on back and placed it on my refrigerator. Now I have a section for my grocery list, a section for each of my kid’s chores, a reminder section, etc.

Picture Frame –

For this project I hot glued together 2 DVD cases at an angle.

I slid in 2, 5×7 picture of my kids and placed it on display in my home.

Vertical Planter –

*This project was inspired by this post – https://www.hometalk.com/30239427/how-we-repurposed-empty-dvd-cases-to-make-a

I took an old sign I had, set it on a vinyl table cloth, traced it, and cut it out.

I Mod Podged the sign …

and placed the cut out vinyl table cloth on top.

To make my planter I would need to use my DVD cases open and horizontal with the opening on the top.

I took my DVD cases, placed them on the vinyl table cloth and created and cut out the shape I wanted. I wanted my case to be open so I stared with the “v” moved to the flat horizontal side, back to the other “v” and then made sure to have some extra to wrap around the back on both sides.

Here is the cut shape.

I slid the table cloth through the plastic sleeve and left the sides hanging out.

I left the DVD case open and wrapped the table cloth around the back side and secured it with hot glue.

I glued both DVD “baskets” to the board.

*Note – I used hot glue, but needed to come back and secure it more later. I would recommend a more permanent and sturdy glue like E6000 or silicone if you are leaving it outside.

I added some dirt, and plants to each DVD case opening.

I will be hanging mine inside, but I set it up outside for this picture as the light is better.

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  1. Great ideas! Who would think you could do so much with old DVD cases?

    1. Thanks so much Linda, it was an interesting challenge to participate in.

  2. love these! so easy and they really make a statement ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the ideas and the tutorials!

    1. Thank you Linda and I’m so pleased you think so.

  3. Great up-cycle idea I would never thought of using them for anything. Great inspiration. Nice to have found you on the link party today! Happy Summer, Kippi

    1. Thank you so much Kippi! I’m so glad you stopped by, and Happy Summer to you as well!

  4. Really it is that easy and looks awesome. Doing this. Found you on Traffic Jam Weekend Linky Party

    1. Thank you Candy and I’m so excited you want to give this a try. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Casey Eckert says:

    Great ideas – thanks so much for sharing!

  6. The decals posted inside old DVD cases is a great idea! It seems less risky than sticking the decals right onto the actual wall.

  7. Love these ideas for repurposing DVD cases! Thanks for sharing on Traffic Jam Weekend, Chas. You are my featured fave for our party going live on Thursday, July 26th at 5:00 pm CST!

    1. Hi Kimberly! Wow, I am honored and thank you so very much for the feature!

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