3 Tips and Tricks for Taking Your Jewelry Creations To The Next Level

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If you’re a big fan of making your own jewelry, and you’re keen to outfit your entire jewelry box with your own creations, it’s time to start thinking about the new and interesting things you can do with your ideas. Sure, you’ve made a bracelet or two, and maybe you’ve tried your hand at making a ring before, and you’re happy with what you’ve come up with so far. 

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If you’re a big fan of making your own jewelry creations, it’s time to start thinking about the new things you can do with your ideas

But that means you’ve got a lot more experience to work with now! So why not step things up to the next level, and make some jewelry that really showcases your skill and talent? If that sounds like something you want to do, here’s just how to get ready for it.

Let’s get started on taking your jewelry creations to the next level

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1. Invest in Better Tools for your jewelry creations

Getting better, more updated versions of the tools you usually work with is going to be a game-changer for you. With better tools you can do everything better; better repairs, better project finishes, and you can finally feel like you’ve got the professional toolkit you’ve always wanted.

So don’t wait for your old tools to fall apart; invest in a new toolkit right now

Indeed, check out the tools on this list to see what you should really be working with.

2. Think About Flashier Stones for your jewelry creations

What kind of stones are you working with right now? Fake glass pieces? Semi-precious gems? No matter what you usually turn to, now could be the perfect time to invest a little, and get your hands on the more authentic variety of what you’re currently using. 

So maybe it’s time to invest in a couple of Rubies? Or use some Opals to gentle yourself in? And you can even find loose diamonds here if you’re really willing to take your jewelry making to the next level! Even just one diamond ring can make all the difference to how proud you feel over your craft. You never know, if you can work with such gems now, you could have a thriving business one day. 

3. Work with More Metals in your creations

If you’re a fan of copper to make your bracelet bases, it’s time to really step things up! Sure, this is a malleable and easy material to work with, but it’s not going to cut it for much longer. You need something that’s a bit more precious to make good use of, and knowing how to handle small amounts of silver and gold is a good skill to have. 

Indeed, you tend to solder these metals in the same way as you would lower metals, and it’s just the thought of wasting them that’s holding you back! Do a bit of practice first, but your clear skill with the tools should carry you through. 

Your jewelry creations deserve to be a little luxurious! So, just try your hand at using more precious materials.

Creating that custom piece that will not be found in jewelry stores, can be as simple as including new precious metal, white gold, sterling silver ear wires, or even making gold creations as new pieces. Think about custom wedding bands or even an engagement ring! Many options if you step outside the box and try a new technique or style.

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If you’re a big fan of making your own jewelry creations, it’s time to start thinking about the new things you can do with your ideas

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