How to Organize Your Bedroom for Comfort Over Style

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Are you wondering how to organize your bedroom? Style is important. But for some rooms, the function must come first. For instance, you need to organize your bedroom for comfort and better sleep. Here are some pro tips to get you started.

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Are you wondering how to organize your bedroom?  Style is important. But for some rooms, the function must come first

5 Tips On How To Organize Your Bedroom

Consider Your Bed Carefully

Of course, your bed must come first. There are many excellent options when it comes to beds these days. While the frame is more for decoration, you must ensure you purchase a quality bed frame. Cheaper ones will dip in the middle, creak or even fall apart fairly quickly. And then there’s the mattress. Where do you start? Memory foam, springs, and hybrids are all excellent options. But look for ones with good reviews, or even take a trip to a showroom to try some out. Adjustable beds require specific mattresses, so be sure to ask the salesperson when in-store.

Remove All Clutter from the Room

Decluttering is a popular thing to do these days. If you aren’t sure what it is, it’s basically removing items you don’t need from a room. Well, it’s a little more than that. However, one of the essential rules of decluttering by Marie Kondo is to remove anything that doesn’t bring you joy. If something doesn’t provide an emotional connection, then it has no business being there. Additionally, clutter such as nicknacks is a haven for mites, spiders, and other bugs. All of which attract or cause dust, which will make your allergies worse while you are sleeping.

Use All Space to Reorganize Your Bedroom for Comfort 

Making use of the available space in your home is one of the principles of good house design. And many people think they need more. One survey found that 45% of people want more space in their next home. However, there is tons of space if you know how to use it. For instance, underneath your bed is excellent for storing pillows and blankets. While you can hang shoe racks over closet doors. You can also move furniture, so it’s flush against the walls rather than taking space at an angle. And you can use drawer separators for better organization.

Don’t Leave Clothes Lying Around

As a teenager, you probably left your clothes all over your bedroom floor. As an adult, there’s no excuse. All you need to do is buy a hamper and place your used clothing in there. And you can probably get one for less than a couple of coffees. Additionally, clean clothing should be put away neatly in closets and drawers so they’re out of sight and out of mind, ready for when you need them. Distractions like this will lower the comfort level of your bedroom. They will make you either not want to be in there or unconsciously distress you when surrounded by disarray.

Remove Anything that Doesn’t Belong

Further to decluttering, there are some more things you can remove from your bedroom for a comfortable environment. For example, your bedroom should really only be used for sleeping and intimacy. And these can cause unhealthy associations in your brain and can disrupt your sleeping habits severely. Such things include TVs, video game consoles, and even your phone or tablet. Most doctors believe that reading in bed is OK, but some also disagree. For some, reading helps sleep, and for others, it doesn’t. Try removing everything and see how it goes.

How To Organize Your Bedroom Summary

A comfortable bedroom is essential for better sleep. Fortunately, you can make some easy changes, such as investing in your bed, removing electronics, and keeping it clean and tidy.

Are you wondering how to organize your bedroom? Style is important. But for some rooms, the function must come first

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  1. Louise Dahlgren says:

    I would love to use your ideas. However, our home is very small. 1000 sq. feet. One level. My bedroom contains card making supplies, etc. It would be a dream for us to have tranquil bedrooms. We have no coat closets. We hang coats (weather) on hooks out front. Otherwise, everything is in the hall closet. That closet contains sheets, towels that are folded in pillow cases and rolled towels, etc. If you have any suggestions on how to organize madness, please let me know.

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