Awesome and Easy Fall Lawn Care Tips

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Do you wonder if you should cut your grass lower in the fall? What should you put on your lawn in the fall? In this post, I will share great fall lawn care tips, as well as tips for all year round.

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It’s important to understand how to care for your lawn. It may be the most unruly and unpredictable area of your property, but also the most enjoyable. You may not be able to have the perfect lawn, much like you can never create the perfect house, but all that matters is that you enjoy it. Who knows you may even grow to love the routine care of your lawn.

Here's a picture of our yard. It's a big lot and it always needs work - don't they all? We have fescue grass which is better in our dry Colorado environment. Plus wait until you see the new Worx Landroid mower we got - it's a robot and saves us a ton of time! We started by staking the wire around the perimeter of our yard for our mower so it knows where to stop.

New homeowners, especially those who may not have had a yard to deal with before, can find this process a little overwhelming. Yet there’s no reason to think you cannot grow to love the routine of lawn care. In fact, some people report that caring for their lawn is one of the most therapeutic and stress-busting activities they regularly engage in. That being said, if you have a thumb that is any other color than green, it’s quite okay to perform as little maintenance as possible to keep your garden just manageable.

Let’s take a look at some simple lawn care practices based on the seasons.

You can remove weeks by digging them up. Pulling the root system totally out of the ground will prevent them from growing and spreading.

Incremental Management

Incremental management of your lawn can be a great place to start. You don’t need to completely reinvent your lawn from one season to the next. Simply pulling weeds today or moving and cleaning furniture to help eliminate the onset of rust while also giving the grass room to breathe and regrow may be all you can manage at this point. These small efforts practiced regularly can help a good lawn turn into a great, healthy lawn. That can be a wonderful place to start.

Make your own spray and there are several ways to do this naturally... Vinegar - spray straight vinegar onto the weeds. Mix 2 cups water and 1 cup salt and spray onto the weeds Dish Soap - Fill a spray bottle full of water and add 1 Tbsp of dish soap. I add a gallon jug of vinegar to a weed sprayer. I also add 1/2 cup salt & 1/2 cup dish detergent to it. This helps kill those nasty weeds. Vinegar breaks down the plant, salt dehydrates, and the soap makes it stick to the plant. You might notice your grass turning a little brown and dying a little but what's important it is will kill the weeds and allow the grass to grow back and be healthy. See my new Landroid Mower charging in the background? It charges super fast and is ready to use in no time.

The Proper Tools

Find the proper tools you need to care for your lawn. Weedkiller, a trowel, a hoe, a lawn mower, and replacement parts for outdoor power equipment can be very helpful. If you wish to create a compost bin, you might find yourself learning basic woodworking to help create that frame. Remember, you can be as involved or as dispassionate with lawn maintenance as you want. It might be that lining vegetable gardens is important to you. It might not be. Lawn maintenance could also simply mean fixing the gate to your backyard. Those elements really do have an effect in the long run.

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Seasonal Lawn Care Tasks

Of course, taking care of a yard in the fall season and winter season is going to be different than in the summer months. This means equipping yourself effectively. You should have a fall lawn care routine to prepare for the colder months. This might involve a number of tasks:

  • raking leaves to prevent snow mold during winter dormancy
  • applying a nitrogen-rich fertilizer
  • mowing until the first frost, repairing burned and dead spots
  • lawn aeration or core aeration
  • covering garden beds or flower beds with a layer of leaves
  • applying a fall fertilizer
  • as cooler temperatures approach it is the perfect time to mow the lawn one last time with the mower set at the lowest setting and mulch any remaining leaves
  • blowing out your irrigation system
  • wrapping your water main
  • covering the pool
  • purchasing tarpaulin to stop your furniture from rusting
  • purchasing oil to keep hinges lubricated.

Spring is an excellent time to clean out all the debris from your lawn and garden beds left after the long winter months so that as the daytime temperatures rise a green lawn can emerge.

With the summer heat comes a new set of tasks to look forward to:

  • get your sprinkler system back up and running
  • repair bare patches and small holes in your lawn and perhaps add grass seed to thin lawns or bare spots
  • measures to deter pests
  • grow your garden
  • weed control with weed killer (preferably organic and non-toxic)
  • fix your lawnmower and set the mower height at 3 inches in the hot summer months to avoid heat stress to the grass blades and protect the root system

With this advice, we hope you can care for your lawn and garden in any season.

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  1. This reminds me how fortunate I am that I no longer have to care for my lawn. We have regular lawn care in Florida. I still haven’t really learned how to care for this southern landscape that grows all year round!

    1. Oh gosh Chloe, how nice is that! I’m sure year around care is really different. At least when snow comes here we get a little break 🙂

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