Vegetable Garden 101 A Fabulous Journey From Start To Finish

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Do you need a garden 101 tutorial? Last year I documented my vegetable garden journey from start to finish with a low maintenance garden technique.

Do you need a garden 101 tutorial? I documented my vegetable garden journey from start to finish with a low-maintenance garden technique.

Garden 101 Steps

Every year I grow a garden and I always look forward to it. I love growing my own food, but there are so many factors to consider when planting a garden;

  • which garden plants work best in your climate and hardiness zone
  • is your garden in full sun or partial shade, how many hours of direct sunlight does your garden get and which plants will thrive in those conditions
  • what type of soil do you have, clay soil or sandy soils
  • should you use mulch, compost, other organic matter, or organic fertilizers
  • how can you be sure your plants are getting the right amount of moisture and nutrients
  • should you use a raised garden bed or straw bales
  • should I grow herbs, annuals, perennials, or vegetables
  • how do I prevent the rabbits and deer in my yard from eating all my plants

This can make gardening intimidating, especially for beginner gardeners. Today I will share a series of tutorials aimed at helping you get the most out of the gardening space you have and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Last year we tried straw bale gardening. We found it to be much easier all around (no weeds, good drainage, start new every ear, and very low maintenance.

Have you heard of gardening with straw bales? I'll share with you why I'm trying it, and how to set it up in your garden.

1. Easy Garden Set Up

This tutorial explains why we shifted to strawbale gardening, where to find bales, what kind of bales to get, how to set them up, and what fertilizers you’ll need to get started. It was super easy, we had the first stage of our garden done in a couple of hours. That includes the drive time to get the bales.

Do you want some vegetable garden ideas? I'm planting vegetables in straw bales, and in a garden bed, and I'm sharing my process with you.

2. Map out Your Garden and Select your Produce

This tutorial shows your garden setup, the easy fertilization process, picking your vegetables, planning your garden layout, planting your vegetables, when to plant, and answers some gardening questions. I enjoyed this part of the gardening journey, it was so much fun planning out my garden, picking out the plants at our local nursery, and putting them in the garden.

Do you want easy DIY plant care? Here are some tips on what I do for easy do-it-yourself garden plant care.

3. Easy DIY Garden Plant Care

In this tutorial, I share some tips on what I do for easy do-it-yourself garden plant care. You’ll find instructions on how to get rid of weeds, how to get rid of bugs and which ones are good and bad, what things you might find growing in your garden, and if it’s safe or not.

Do you wonder when to harvest your garden's vegetables? I'm sharing how my straw bale garden is growing and when to harvest the produce.

4. Harvest Your Garden Vegetables

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to keep fertilizing your garden through the season, when, and how to harvest the vegetables you’re growing in your garden. This is one of the fun parts of gardening as you get to finally enjoy the benefits of putting the work into your garden.

Have you wondered what it takes to grow a seasonal garden? I'm sharing the actual truth and reality of what my journey was this summer.

5. The Actual Truth and Reality of Growing My Seasonal Garden

In this post, I share the actual truth of how my garden did. I break down what I bought and spent, as well as what I got out of my garden and the estimated output of my garden. I also go through the pros and cons of gardening.

6. Winterize A Garden, 6 Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

This tutorial talks about how to winterize your garden at the end of the season. I also share how to store some of those last vegetables coming out of the garden. How to prepare for the winter and get ready for next spring.

Garden 101 Videos

I have several of my videos on these tutorials and you can also find them on my YouTube Channel

Other things Garden 101 ideas

  • Consider a container garden
  • Create a raised bed, the depth will have great drainage and help with pest control
  • Tools – rake, garden hose, hoe
  • slow-release fertilizer
  • sand (for drainage)

Gardening 101 – Vegetable ideas

  • tomatoes
  • peppers
  • lettuce
  • potatoes
  • cucumbers
  • carrots
  • herbs like basil, thyme, mint, oregano
  • peas
  • kale
  • beets
  • so many possibilities

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Do you need a garden 101 tutorial? I documented my vegetable garden journey from start to finish with a low-maintenance garden technique.

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  1. Love following along on your vegetable garden journey. I am really trying to learn more about growing veggies this year. I’m usually all about the flowers.

    1. Thanks Kim, and I equally love learning about flower from you!

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