Easy Snowman – Great Kids Craft Too!

Easy Snowman – Great Kids Craft Too!
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Create an inexpensive easy snowman! It’s a decoration you can leave up through March, and even kids can make this one.


Materials Needed:
Floral Bud Vase Bowl –
1 plug in light bulb
1 glove or mitten
Sharpie markers
1 can of Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass Spray Paint

1. Wash and clean the bud vase, removed any stickers.
2. After it’s dry, spray with Rust-Oleum frosted glass spray paint to the desired look.
3. When the paint is dry, draw on a sharpie face.
4. Put your lightbulb inside the bud vase.
5. Put the glove or mitten on top (it’ll hold the lightbulb in place), and add a rubber band or ribbon on top to make a ball.

My kids are using these as night lights in their rooms. We leave ours up until spring.

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