Best Places To Shop For Craft & DIY Needs!

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Hi my friends!

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If your looking for some of the best places to shop for Craft and DIY needs – You’re In The Right Place.  I’ll share with you some of my favorite places!

(*Titles contain links to stores if you would like to check them out online and some are affiliate links..)

  1. Dollar Tree – everything is always $1!  You can get art supplies, candles, candleholders, vases, dishes, etc.  You can make so many things and at a price that is fantastic!
  2. Thrift Stores – My favorite is the smaller thrift stores that are for a charity.  They are always selling stuff at very affordable prices!  The bigger chains like ARC and Good Will are great as well.  Look for the sales – there are usually sales on certain color price tags to help move the merchandise out.  ARC on Saturdays has multiple tags at 50% off – great deals!!!
  3. Garage & Yard Sales – they are hit or miss, but when you find something great – most of the time it’s for a good price.
  4. Flea Markets – Not all flea markets are created equal, but when you find a good one it’s gold.  We have a fantastic flea market here in Colorado called “Mile High Flea Market”.  It’s got new items in garage booths and rented parking spaces for the garage sale stuff.  Great people watching too!
  5. Facebook’s Market Place – yep, it’s not well known yet so it’s a place for great finds!
  6. Buy Nothing (group on Facebook) – this is a group that you can donate things to for someone to pick up or you can collect things you need.  Amazing place!  Everything is FREE either way!!!
  7. Poundland – Okay I am seriously jealous of those living in England!  I got a chance this summer to visit Poundland and it’s comparable to our Dollar Tree in price and items, but oh they had so much more… baking dishes, refurbished DVDs, I seriously had to be dragged out of there.
  8. – This website has so many things on it, but give looking up stickers, stencils, and other crafting supplies, and many times you’ll find some great deals.  The downfall is most items can take up to a month to get to you, so make sure you have the time to wait.  The price is often worth it if you can.
  9. Oriental Trading Company – this website often has inexpensive and quantity crafting supplies.  So if you are making something for a large group/party, or multiples of things for a holiday – this is a great place.  Don’t forget to shop their clearance section – there are always great deals hiding there.
  10. Hobby Lobby – A great craft store and a huge variety.  Watch for your sales as they are the ticket to getting a great price.  Look at the clearance areas for some great finds!
  11. Michael’s – Another great craft store, and they often have a great dollar section that beckons you to get creative.

If you have a place to share, please add it in the comments for everyone!

Happy Deal Hunting!

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  1. My friend Linda just told me about a site – – “This site originates in China (I think) It’s a whole group of people who teamed up together to create this site so I see it as entrepreneurs from China working online to make a living. The catch is that sometimes it takes almost a month to get items. Not always, but sometimes. I go there often and have purchased many items from them. They are so nice when you ask a question and with their follow-up. Some of it is automated, like other sites, but sometimes you end up working with the actual store owner and all they want to do is please you. They always ask you for a good rating and I see no reason why they shouldn’t get it. One time I couldn’t find it and the guy was so sweet trying to help me. ” *Thank you Linda for sharing this tip!

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