Easy Farmhouse Box

Easy Farmhouse Box
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I was recently invited to participate in a group called Farmhouse Hens and I’m so excited to join this amazing group of bloggers!  This is my first post with them and you’ll be able to see what they’re creating as well!

As many of you know, I’m a huge Hometalk fan and supporter.  Hometalk asked me to do a Local Hometalk Workshop in my area, and I said yes.  There are Hometalk Workshops being conducted in many cities, and I have met some wonderful people that are running those.  For our first workshop we would be making Farmhouse Boxes.  I had never made one before but thanks To Brooke over at Cribbs Style – she helped give me a tutorial to follow.  Special shout out to Brooke!

My husband and I did this first box together.

For the sides of this board we used a 1 x 4 pine board and measured it to 14 inches.

He used a square to make a straight line.

He cut the board with a Dewalt Circular Saw.

We took that board and measured the second board to make sure they would be the same size.

For the bottom board we used a 1 x 6 and measured it to 12.5 inches, again using a square to make a straight line.

He cut that with our Dewalt Circular Saw.

He took the bottom board and used it to measure a 1 x 4 to make the sides so they would be the same length.  The piece measured approximately 5.5 inches.

He cut 2 of those.

We then sanded the cut edges and all of the boards to get them smooth and ready for staining.

We glued each edge with Elmer’s Wood Glue that would be connecting together.

After each board was glued in place we used our nail gun to secure it.

Here is our completed box.  I then used Dixie Belle Up In Smoke Voodoo Gel Stain.

You can use this box as a centerpiece that can be changed up seasonally.

Or in your bathroom on the back of your toilet to hold supplies.

Here is where I’m using ours – on our kitchen table.  I love that it keeps our salt and pepper shakers, and napkins in there and I can pick it up to easily wipe up the table.

My first workshop was in November and we had a ton of fun.

Everyone put together their boxes.  Of course our nail gun had to give us grief, but the ladies were all so supportive and patient (thank you ladies).

Next they came in for snacks and their choice to stain or paint their boxes as they liked.

I taught them how to make scented pine cones to put in their box for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

They also received a glass jar that they could use as a candle, hold something like mints, or add some glitter to turn it into a glittery pumpkin.

Do you want to do a workshop with me?  You can contact me here and you can come to my next local workshop or we can talk about other options like a Live class online.

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Comments (18)

  • These little farmhouse boxes are so handy. A workshop to make them must be fun and popular. Welcome to the farmhouse hens.

  • Nice, simple and versatile.

  • Love this. I have a really old one my grandpa did that I found.. I will make a few more they are very handy. Get healed quickly so you can get back on the dance floor.. been there! Thanks, love your blog.

  • First to say.. I hope you are doing ok. I had to wearing walking boot for 21 weeks and that s*cked. I feel bad for you and what you will going through. Keeps us posted on your progress. Now the Box. I really like how they all turned out.. I would really like a Work Shop in my Area.. I will be looking for one. Thank you for all your ideas. I enjoy your Blog/ emails.

  • Oh my goodness Chaz! Take care of yourself and I am sure your family will wait on you gleefully. Take all the help you can get. Let us know when you get bored so we can send you funny amusing stuff. Love your blog, you tube and Hometalk projects! Do what you can but don’t stress if you don’t feel like it. When I had my last major surgery, that’s when I started up again with jigsaw puzzles and adult coloring books. Lots of fun novels too. Take care and let us know if you need anything! We are here for you! 🤗😍🤗😍🤗😍

    • Thank you so much Naomie, you are just so sweet my friend. Thanks for the kind words and helpful tips. I’ll keep you posted and love the comment about sending funny stuff. Hugs

  • I love my boxes. I use one on my table too to hold the salt, pepper and napkins. What do they say about great minds? I like the get together you hostessed of the make and take. I love classes too sure wish we were neighbors. Happy New Year, Kippi

  • I love the look of this box. Super cute and easy! #trafficjam

  • Such a clever idea and it looks so useful. Perfect for corralling things where ever things need corralling!

    • Thank you so much Julie, I love how versatile it is. Mine is on my kitchen table but I’m looking forward to making more for other uses.

  • We’re going to be upcycling our used pieces of cedar from our place for everything from boxes like this to shelving! 🙂 Great job!!!


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