How to Create an Organized Workplace for School Success

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Are you looking for an organized workplace? In this post, we’ll share how to create a space that will set a student up for success.

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School grades don’t just depend on children’s abilities and teachers’ talents. One important factor is the workplace at home, where the child does his homework every day. Parents can make it comfortable.

Experienced nursing essay writers will tell you about their smart tricks and share observations about what in the interior helps a school child to study better and rest more productively.

Are you looking for an organized workplace?  In this post, we'll share how to create a space that will set a student up for success.

How to Create an Organized Workplace for School Success

The right artificial and natural light

This is the first point in the arrangement because people often don’t pay any attention to the light in a school child’s room. This is wrong: a child needs warm artificial light and natural side light.

The light should be warm in tone, but at the same time as close to natural white as possible. A yellow shade is too relaxing and causes drowsiness.

Cold light is uncomfortable, it is associated with a hospital: it really helps you to concentrate, but too much of it creates stress. Warm white light promotes a calm environment, in which it is easier to learn lessons, so experts recommend choosing lamps in the range of 3 000 – 4 500 K.

Be sure to have a desk lamp – a so-called target light that enhances or replaces the general light while preparing homework. Ideally, the lamp should have a flexible base with which to easily change the direction of the light. The device needs an LED bulb – it does not heat up and is not dangerous for the child.

It is important to consider natural lighting and not to place the desk opposite the window – bright daylight or sunlight hits the eyes and can be harmful. It is better to put the desk at the side of the window. So that the shadows do not interfere, the light should fall on the left for a right-handed child and on the right for a left-handed child.

Muted colors in the interior

If the child goes to the first grade, parents should think about changes in the design of the nursery. The authors who write my essays review claim that screaming and bright colors are now inappropriate – they distract and turn the room into a kind of amusement park. Of course, the school should not be boring, but it requires a more serious atmosphere.

It is not necessary for an urgent manner to tear down the bright wallpaper with horses and cover the walls with office paint. To begin with, it is enough to review the details to make the interior look different. For example, replace a bright dresser or cupboard with a more restrained model, and hang monochrome curtains. 

A separate desk for the computer

A modern school child needs two desks: one for the computer and one for writing and reading. Using one desk for these purposes is undesirable and uncomfortable: often the monitor and keyboard take up too much space. They have to be constantly moved, there is not enough space for a desk lamp.

There is one more problem – usually children perceive the computer as a big interesting toy. Its presence on the desk for lessons can be very distracting.

In case it is difficult to buy or place two desks at once, there is a compromise. You can buy a computer desk with an additional horizontal surface extending sideways from the main place. Outwardly, it looks a bit like a bar counter, on which both a computer and a space for written assignments are placed at once.

A loft bed to save space

A great solution for a small nursery – children’s sets with a double-decker bed, in which the sleeping place is located at the top, and the computer desk – at the bottom. Such a design takes up less space.

A loft bed should be chosen according to the principle of safety and convenience. The ladder steps must be stable and wide: metal slippery tubes, as on some “adult” models, can be dangerous for a child. The upper space for sleeping should necessarily have a high rim so that at night the baby does not accidentally fall off the bed. As for any children’s furniture, it is better to choose a version with rounded corners.

The right chair for good posture

You should not give your child an old adult computer chair. Such furniture should match the height of the sitter and form the correct posture. The classic rule: the height of the chair should be such that the legs stand flat on the floor and the knees are bent at right angles. Adjusting it in most children’s chairs is not a problem.

More often difficulty arises with the selection of the backrest. The ideal option is an orthopedic child’s chair. Such models are adjustable in height and inclination of the surfaces. The main thing is to choose the right curve on the rigid back, which will support the spine and prevent slouching.

Ordinary kitchen wooden chairs are not suitable either. There is nothing wrong with a child sitting on it during lunch, but such models are not suitable for lessons. They are most often not suitable for height: the legs hang over the floor, and the tabletop is too high or too low. It is uncomfortable for a child to sit: he starts to fidget in the chair and cannot concentrate on the lessons.

Stiff chairs are good for the spine – they are still used in classrooms. But among the hard wooden models, you should choose special children’s options with adjustable height, so that you do not have to buy new chairs as you grow.

What is important in a school student’s Organized workplace

  1. Warm white light reduces stress and fatigue, while cold light provokes tension.
  2. Muted colors of walls, furniture, and textiles help to focus.
  3. Need separate desks for the computer and writing lessons, or one large combined.
  4. To save space is suitable a loft bed with a desk on the lower level.
  5. Adult models of chairs are not designed to support children’s posture.

A work plan should help to manage the day and track the workload. The items necessary for work (math textbooks, calculators, dictionaries, etc.) should be within reach on open shelves or in baskets. For help with math homework specifically, a student can consider using online services such as that offer help from certified experts in real time. This can help to ensure that your student is getting the help they need in a timely manner.

Organized Workplace

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Are you looking for an organized workplace? In this post, we'll share how to create a space that will set a student up for success.

Items you may need for an organized workplace:

  • labels
  • folders
  • to-do lists
  • storage and storage areas
  • drawers
  • pens
  • notebook
  • filing system
  • filing cabinets
  • well-organized space (get rid of that clutter)
  • sticky note
  • clean workspace
  • desk organizers
  • office supplies

Workspace Tips

  • Make a schedule and know your deadlines
  • manage your stress level and keep a good work-life balance
  • have good organizational skills
  • do your housekeeping and spring cleaning for your work areas
  • do your paperwork
  • create time blocks for your time management

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