5 Easy Room Decorating Ideas for College Girls: Student’s Guide

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Are you looking for room decorating ideas for college girls? Here is a student guide to 5 ideas for dorm room decorations that are adjustable for any college students.

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Beginning to stay in a college dorm room at the beginning of the school year can be boring and not give you a homely feeling. The classic dorm room look is a bare, tight space with a stark appearance. You are unable to imagine yourself living in a small space, and it makes you uncomfortable, feeling that you want to escape, especially in that freshman year. You can transform this room into an interesting place where you can breathe, be positive about life and live freely. 

Make subtle changes by decorating or creating something new that makes the room lively and cute. You can think of incredible and cost-effective dorm room makeover ideas to enhance the look of your room. Here’s a curated list of dorm room essentials that will make it a cozy place that feels like home

Are you looking for room decorating ideas for college girls?  Here is a student guide to 5 ideas and these are adjustable for any student.

Room Decorating Ideas for College Girls

Decorate the wall

Walls are the first thing that need attention when you begin to redesign or re-decorate your dorm room and it’s an easy way to give the room a personalized feel. There are wonderful wall decoration ideas that you can select. You can be creative. A great idea is to put up lights on the wall and add some memorable pictures to make a photo wall. This is a great way to make you feel good and brighten up your day. 

Girls can choose some cute pink flower wallpaper as a base for the wall and then hang a few cute photo frames with their best friend, favorite photos or wall art to create a gallery wall. Boys can go with some vibrant base colors as a background of the wallpaper to give a classy look to the walls.

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Moving stuff around

Before you make a long list of bedroom expenses and plan to visit the home decor store, you must think about better ways to reuse the furniture in the dorm room. Check the condition of the dorm beds, cupboard, and study table if they can be reused and decorated as per your choice. 

Move them around so that you can change the placement, and then look to improv them by putting lights on the wall. You can get beautiful peel and stick wallpaper for the main wall, a headboard for the bed, and make a picture wall to make it livelier.

Are you looking for room decorating ideas for college girls?  Here is a student guide to 5 ideas and these are adjustable for any student.

Lighten up the room

Lights have the potential to bring positivity to a dull-looking living space. Dorm rooms need to have positive energy and freshness. Spending time in such a room will boost and make you feel active all day. Ensure that the lights have a softer glow instead of harsh bright lights that strain your eyes. 

You can shop for some nice study lamps or hang some twinkling fluorescent-colored string lights on the wall to add some beauty to the walls. A touch lamp with three brightness levels is a great item to have. You can change the light based on your mood or activity. Arrange your study area so you have plenty of storage space and easy access to all the supplies you might need all while giving it your personal touch.

Add greenery 

Bringing up some green plants can be the easiest way to make your college room look fresh. Home plants or air plants are a great addition to any indoor space. Potted plants look beautiful in a room and are good for your health. You can opt for some cute pots to provide a pop of color to enhance the look of your room. 

Buy low-maintenance pots that you can hang from a hook or near the window, to make the best use of the space. You can also make your own personalized hook or paint a stand using your favorite color. 

Window curtains for a finished look

Window curtains with beautiful shades or light prints are a great option for a small dorm room. It completes the look of your room and gives a spacious reel. It adds privacy and keeps your room free from dust. 

If you love to sit peacefully in mellow light and do not want direct sun while doing morning yoga, then you can buy sheer curtains to add a light filter in the morning.  Oh, and don’t forget to add an area rug. This is a fun way to add warmth to a small room.

Other things you could add to college dorm decor

  • neon signs
  • fairy lights
  • throw pillows
  • wall decor
  • storage ottomans or cute storage
  • school supplies
  • extra seating that collapses
  • decor pieces
  • white tapestry
  • removable print

Room Decorating Ideas for College Girls Conclusion

College life is stressful and busy as you have deadlines and big targets to achieve. You have big dreams to become a successful person. You may get anxious while you are preparing for exams and have negative thoughts. You look for peace as you have to concentrate and do overnight studies. A nice, clean, organized dorm room can let you focus on your studies. It lets you think better and feels positive about the future. 

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Are you looking for room decorating ideas for college girls?  Here is a student guide to 5 ideas and these are adjustable for any student.

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