How to Clean Your Oven Window

How to Clean Your Oven Window
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Here is a simple way to clean your oven window on the inside with no harsh chemicals.

(Video tutorial at the bottom)

You’ll need –

Baking Soda

Vinegar/Water Mixture

Squirt Bottle

Old wash cloths & towel

Optional – painters tape

*This above is my window on the inside of my oven. I did a test run of this in November after Thanksgiving and was happy with the results. My oven window isn’t as dirty this time since it’s only been 1 month but I wanted to share the directions with you.

I recommend laying an old towel on the floor under your oven door for anything that spills over.

If you have vents on your oven door, cover them with painters tape so nothing will get inside the door.

Cover the window with baking soda. (You don’t need this much, I learned this – you can just sprinkle some on.)

Squirt the baking soda with a vinegar and water mixture. I did a ratio of 1:10, 1 part vinegar, 9 parts water. (My squirt bottle has numbers to help me do this part).

You want the baking soda to get damp but not drenched. You are making a paste.

Get an old wash cloth wet and squeeze out the excess.

Start scrubbing the paste with the damp wash cloth. Gentle scrubbing is fine, it doesn’t have to be hard scrubbing.

Keep working around the glass, if you see a black spot scrub at it a bit. It won’t take a ton of effort.

I also scrubbed the black metal around the window and cleaned that up as well.

Clean up your mess. I used my vacuum cleaner, but you could use a small broom and dust pan. I recommend using a wet dry shop vac if you have a bag in your vacuum cleaner so it won’t clog.

Wipe up the extra mess of baking soda. I did this a couple times.

When I thought I got most of it up, I got a fresh old wash cloth wet, squeezed it out, and wiped it one more time.

I am very pleased with how easy this was and how clean my window got with very little effort and no harmful chemicals.

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