Fitness Friday!

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Happy Friday everyone!

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If you didn’t know, I have a degree in dance and fitness is important to me.  I try to walk Monday-Friday.  It usually takes me about 35 minutes to do my walk that is 2.5-3 miles.

I am hoping to inspire you to walk.  Don’t make excuses, just do it.  If you are a morning person – get the kids on the bus or in the stroller and go for it!  If you are an evening person, do it in the evening.  Pick a time that works for you.

Set A Goal – How long (time), and how far (distance) you are going to go.  Try for 30 minutes if you can.

Before you start – 

  • Stretch your hamstrings by reaching for your toes.
  • Stretch your quads by bending your knee and grabbing your foot behind you – both legs.
  • Do a few arm circles and shoulder rolls to stretch your upper body.

Ready, Set, Go! Start slow, it takes a second for your body to get moving and fall into the swing of things.  Then as you are ready, start walking faster.  Push yourself until you are almost to a jog or run and try to maintain it.

While Your Walking – Sometimes when a person is exercising they dwells on the fact they are exercising.  That makes everything 10 times harder.  Try to look around at the landscape of others yards, pick the flowers you like, look at the views, listen to music, audio books, or podcasts, and let your thoughts be yours – it’s your time.  For me this is when I have some of my best ideas.

Cool Down – After your walk, re-do the stretches, walk slow in a few circles as your body slows down and you catch your breath.

Drink Water – Hydration is so important!  If you don’t hydrate enough, you’ll often reach for food as your brain sometimes confuses thirst for hunger.  Make sure to drink water before you eat anything.

Now it’s your turn – take a walk and tell me how it was.



Share it with others!

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