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Easy Light Up Valentine Heart

Easy Light Up Valentine Heart
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This project is easy and inexpensive. Great for Valentine’s day, gift, or night light. Make it with your friends for Galentine’s Day!  (“Gal”-entine’s Day is a day where girlfriends get together and celebrate Valentine’s Day Friendship.)

You will need:

Styrofoam circle (mine were a set of 2 from Dollar Tree)

A strand of lights (mine were from Dollar Tree)

School Glue or Hot Glue Tissue

Paper Squares



I used a cookie cutter to map out my heart shape and light hole design.

Poke holes through the Styrofoam with the screwdriver.

Push your lights through the Styrofoam.

Wrap your tissue paper squares around the end of a pencil. Dip it in the glue and place on the Styrofoam.

I found that the glue was taking a little too long to hold so I decided to switch to a hot glue gun.

Place your tissue paper with glue onto the Styrofoam.

Continue this process until the entire surface of the circle is covered.

Plug it in and decide how you want to display it.

This display is simply the heart balanced on a small picture easel.

This display, I placed the Styrofoam in a bowl and it reminded me of flowers.

You could use battery operated lights to avoid the cord for this version.

Here is another version I made…

I found these boxes at Dollar Tree.

I used a battery light strand I found at Dollar Tree, poked holes through the box where I wanted them to go and left the battery pack inside.  I also took a family photo and placed it in the window of the box.

On the top around the photo and lights I adhered the tissue paper as described above.

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