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Easy Scented Pinecones

Easy Scented Pinecones
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It is super easy to make your own scented pinecones for fall and the holiday season.  Here are 4 different ways to make them and you can pick the one that works best for you…

Option #1 – Essential Oil Spray Technique

Mix a few drops of essential oil in a scent of your choice (I’m using cinnamon)  in a spray bottle with water – the more drops the stronger the smell.

Place the pinecones in a plastic bag, spray it with the water essential oil mixture and seal the bag.  Let the bag sit over night and your pinecones are ready.

Option 2 – Essential Oil Only Technique

Place pinecones in a bag, put several drops of essential oil of your choice in your bag, and seal it closed.

Let the bag sit for a week and they’re ready to use.

Option #3 – Spray Adhesive and Cinnamon (or seasoning mixture of your choice) Technique

You can spray your pinecones with spray adhesive and place them in the bag or you can spray the pinecones inside the bag with the adhesive spray.  Either way please do this step outside where there is proper ventilation.

Next sprinkle cinnamon or your desired seasoning mixture into the bag onto the pinecones.

Gently shake the bag so the seasonings attach to the pinecones.  Spread the pinecones out to dry, and once they are dry they are ready to use.

Option #4 – Glue and Cinnamon (or seasonings of your choice) Technique

Use Mod Podge and paint the it onto the pinecone.

Place the pinecones in a plastic bag, and sprinkle the pinecones with cinnamon or desired seasoning.

Gently shake the bag to distribute the cinnamon over the glued pinecones.

Spread the pinecones out and let the glue dry completely.  Once they are dry, they are ready to use.

Once you have done of the above techniques – place your pinecones somewhere for you to enjoy the wonderful smell or create something wonderful with them.

I love fall and the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin spice this time of year.

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