Vintage Bundt Pan to Solar Flower!
I have had this pink vintage bundt pan for a few years now.  I have tried doing a couple things with it but nothing has stuck - I wanted more for it.  I finally came up with something unique and special to help make it "shine".  I turned it into a solar flower!  (Those of you who know me are saying "of course you did" - lol)… (13 comments)

2 Easy 4th of July Decor Ideas
Oh my gosh, I'm so excited about my finds from Dollar Tree! With just a few supplies I made a light up LED tinsel wreath as well as found these amazing star dishes that have a couple different uses for and can't wait to share...… (8 comments)

Easy Patriotic Wreath
This is a very inexpensive and easy wreath to make - great for all of those patriotic holidays and celebrations. It is also easily adaptable to make for many other occasions as well.… (6 comments)