4 Garage Makeover Ideas To Renovate Your Space For Good

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Who needs garage makeover ideas? Lets face it we could all use more storage space and a garage conversion might be the perfect place to begin. I have 4 ideas to share on a completing a garage project that make your garage a more functional space to fit your home’s needs.

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Who needs garage makeover ideas? I have 4 ideas to share on renovating your space to suit your home's needs.

It’s quite interesting to see how different the garage remodeling and makeover ideas of various households and families can be. Some families do all they can to refine the space and make it into an extra room, adding a small bar, sofas, and maybe even a television for indulgence. Others use it as additional space to store utilities, such as the cat litter tray, a freezer, laundry utilities, and more. Still others use the garage to store seasonal items or sports equipment. Some, just some, may even it as a parking space for their vehicle.

Most, of course, use their garage to store odds and ends. It’s not uncommon for the garage space to become the unofficial storage area of a household. This is why it’s important to think of renovating your garage space for good. Perhaps doing so could increase the value of your home. It may also help you save money on your car insurance by using a locked door to keep your car safe at night. A garage makeover may be the best option to provide you with extra space you can use for any number of things.

Let’s get started with the Garage Makeover Ideas

Organize Your Storage

Organizing your storage is the first step to clearing and using your garage again. Most of us have an unwarranted amount of stuff lining the shelves and piled up in stacks. 

It’s good to separate the items you have into different categories.; keep, sell, donate and discard or recycle. Perhaps you’ll have a yard sale and get rid of most of your unnecessary items. Perhaps you could donate a good amount to charity. Maybe you can re-upholster certain stored items, or give them to family members. Or, perhaps you can put them into long-term storage in your basement or attic.

Using large shelving storage units is one of the best ways to utilize wall space. You can run all of your items along the walls of the garage wall in clear but sturdy plastic boxes. This way, you can make sure that everything is labeled correctly and that you have easy access to what you need. Another great solution is overhead storage shelves or overhead storage racks. This will open up floor space allowing you to make further renovations as necessary. Also – additional safety features are important to think about too, like adding a fire extinguisher in the space or fitting a smoke detector.

Remove Unnecessary Infrastructure

Removing unnecessary infrastructure is a key element of making sure your garage space is easy to deal with. Of course, by ‘infrastructure,’ we mean the items you usually take for granted. Might it be that placing that freezer over to the other side of the room could be better, and give you more room to park? 

Do you have unnecessary storage shelves or garage cabinets that are way past their prime? It could be best to get rid of those, depending on how much storage you need. Maybe you have odd additions to this space that you never seem to use, such as a foosball or air hockey table in a state of disrepair that you could sell to raise money for your renovation. Little efforts make all the difference. The idea here is to create as much usable space as possible so that new garage space can be properly assigned. Perhaps removing a badly installed bar area the last owner used could give you room for an excellent Tesla Powerwall. The possibilities are endless.

Restore the Flooring

Restoring the garage floor is a great way of giving the garage space a fresh look. Some garages are simply laid with concrete, others may use more refined materials. Some of the floorings may have become damaged or disheveled over time depending on what the space was previously used for. 

You may be able to build on the existing floor if it is in decent shape. Consider updating the concrete flooring with epoxy paint or adding new epoxy flooring. If the floor is beyond saving you may have to invest in removing the old floor and replacing it so that you can start fresh.

Hygienic Care Measures

It might seem as though your garage is the place where you can relax in terms of how often you need to clean. Sure, you might not need to clean this space as frequently as your bathroom, for instance. But it’s good to dust-bust here each week. Using an air filter to ensure it’s well ventilated  can prevent the slow accumulation of dust. It’s also a good idea to implement pest control measures such as laying certain materials that deter pets in the corners of your space.

The garage is a great place to utilize for additional storage for outdoor items, but there are so many different options for using this space. So get cleaning and organizing to make the most of this underutilized space.



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Who needs garage makeover ideas? I have 4 ideas to share on renovating your space to suit your home's needs.



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