Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas: Exploring Tile Options and More

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Are you looking for bathroom shower tile ideas? Your shower space is a sanctuary of solace where you not only wash off the dirt but your stress too. But lately, have you become tired of looking at your plain old shower space that seems to be nothing more than an enclosure to cleanse yourself? 

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Are you looking to break away from the ordinary and infuse a dash of personality and uniqueness into your shower space? Enter the realm of shower tile alternatives where creativity is the only rule. 

In this article, we’ll delve into some unconventional and captivating options that are gaining momentum in modern bathroom design. 

From the organic charm of pebble tiles to the translucent elegance of glass tiles, we’ll venture beyond the traditional to discover exciting materials and designs that can transform your shower from a utilitarian space into a true sanctuary. Here we go!

Are you looking for bathroom shower tile ideas? In this article, we'll delve into some options that are gaining momentum in bathroom design.

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas:

  • Ceramic Tiles  

Ceramic tiles, specifically glazed ceramic tiles are a popular choice for showers as they have a protective layer that does not let water be absorbed or promotes moisture retention. They have excellent resistance to water and temperature variations. 

Additionally, they come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes that give you the flexibility to choose a style that best suits your existing bathroom decor.

  • Stone Tiles 

Stone tiles are another popular choice for showers mainly due to their earthy and natural look and the ability to instantly elevate the feel of your shower. Their natural elegance adds a timeless, spa-like quality to the bathroom, creating a serene atmosphere. 

Beyond aesthetics, stone tiles are highly functional, with their natural slip resistance enhancing safety in wet conditions. Their durability is a testament to their ability to withstand daily use, remaining impervious to the rigors of moisture, heat, and constant wear. 

  • River Rock Tiles 

Today, river rock tiles are becoming exceedingly popular for their innovative and visually appealing properties. These natural stones, shaped and smoothed by flowing water, provide a comfortable and textured surface underfoot, making them particularly desirable for shower floors. 

They are designed to offer a massage-like sensation, making your shower experience not only comfortable but also therapeutic. In addition to their functionality, river rock tiles are remarkably durable and capable of withstanding daily wear and the rigors of constant exposure to water. Their robust nature ensures longevity in a high-moisture environment, making them an excellent choice for shower areas. 

Shower Tile Alternatives: What Else You Can Use

When it comes to shower tiles, you have a myriad of options to choose from. From the materials above to all the different colors and sizes, there’s a fit for each preference. But, if you want to get past the usual designs and elements, here are a few more options to explore:

  • Exposed Brick Design 

If you are looking to infuse your shower space with more earthy tones and a rustic vibe, the exposed brick design will do the trick. It not only adds character and charm but gives your bathroom a unique look, something truly different. It is a testament to the beauty of raw and weathered materials. 

It exudes a sense of history, an urban loft vibe, or a rustic, farmhouse ambiance, depending on the overall design concept. The bathroom space, with exposed brick accents, becomes a sanctuary, a place where the industrial meets the contemporary, where nostalgia mingles with modernity, and where every shower or bath feels like a journey through time. 

  • Exposed Cement

The exposed cement design is rooted in an industrial aesthetic, where the rough, unfinished texture of concrete becomes a design feature rather than a concealed substrate. It often incorporates elements such as exposed concrete walls, floors, or even ceilings, all of which create a sense of raw, unprocessed beauty. 

This design style typically involves leaving the concrete surfaces exposed, rather than covering them with traditional finishes like tiles or paint.

The color palette is typically monochromatic, focusing on the varying shades of gray and charcoal that concrete naturally exhibits. You can pair it up with contrasting elements like black fixtures or white accents for visual balance.

  • Acrylic Panels 

Another popular design choice these days is acrylic panels. They create a sleek, seamless appearance on shower walls and bathroom surfaces. They can be installed without visible seams or grout lines, giving the space a clean and contemporary look. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist style or a more traditional look, you can find acrylic panels to suit your design preferences.

The smooth and glossy surface of acrylic panels reflects light, which can make the bathroom or shower feel brighter and more spacious. This feature is particularly helpful in small bathrooms and shower spaces. 

Also, the smooth surface is perfect for keeping the space resistant to moisture and making it effortless to maintain.

  • PVC Panels

If you are looking for a substitute for the classic tiles, then PVC panels are another popular choice with homeowners today. PVC panels come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you to achieve different aesthetics. They can mimic the look of tile, wood, stone, or other materials, offering a wide range of design options to suit your preferences. 

Whether you want a sleek, modern bathroom or a rustic, natural look, there is likely a PVC panel design to match. are inherently waterproof, making them an excellent choice for showers and bathrooms where moisture and water exposure are frequent.   

These panels are often a more budget-friendly choice compared to premium tiles or natural stone. This can make them an attractive option for those looking to save on remodeling costs.

  • Wooden Panels or Walls

You can also bring home the rustic charm with a traditional look in your shower using wooden panels. You can use them on the walls and on the floors to create a warm atmosphere. These wooden surfaces, often treated to withstand high moisture and humidity levels, provide a tactile and inviting quality to the environment. 

The wood’s grain and natural variations introduce a sense of organic beauty that contrasts and complements the often cool, hard surfaces of tiles and fixtures. When used in showers, these wooden panels can create a spa-like atmosphere, enveloping you in a cozy embrace as you step beneath a cascade of water.

However, it should be noted that wooden panels can lose their original charm over time due to the nature of their finish. It is important to keep in mind the longevity of these and ensure a proper maintenance routine to keep them looking pristine.

Are you looking for bathroom shower tile ideas?  In this article, we'll delve into some options that are gaining momentum in bathroom design.

Going Beyond the Classics: Fresh Options to Explore

Now, let’s take a look at some popular tiles that go beyond the classic looks of subway or square tiles. These tiles are becoming exceedingly popular with homeowners and commercial settings for their sheer beauty and aesthetic appeal. Check out the six, most popular options here:

Pebble Tiles 

Bring home the charm of riverside rocks with pebble tiles that are crafted from naturally smoothed stones. They are reminiscent of the pebbles you find on a riverbed or coastal shore. Their organic appeal and tactile texture add a sense of tranquility and connection to nature, transforming your shower into a serene oasis. 

The mosaic of pebble tiles creates a harmonious balance between rustic charm and modern sophistication, and the variation in color, shape, and size of the stones imparts a one-of-a-kind visual interest. The interplay of light and shadow on these uneven surfaces can be utterly mesmerizing. As the water flows over them, it highlights the natural colors of the stones, creating an ever-changing, soothing, and visually dynamic shower experience.

Design Ideas

  • Pebble accent wall: Create a striking focal point by using pebble tiles on a single accent wall in the shower. This can break the monotony of traditional tiles and add a touch of nature.
  • Shower Niche: Incorporate pebble tiles within the shower niche or recessed shelving. It not only adds a functional element but also makes the shower feel more spa-like.
  • Pebble Border: Combine pebble tiles as a border or decorative band along the shower walls. This can be a subtle yet elegant way to incorporate their beauty into the design.
  • Mix and Match: Mix pebble tiles with other materials like porcelain or ceramic tiles to create a captivating contrast. For example, a pebble floor with large, glossy wall tiles can be a stunning combination.

Glass Tiles

The beauty of glass tiles lies in their ability to transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious and luminous space. These tiles offer a unique combination of elegance, translucency, and versatility, making them a captivating choice for shower design. 

Their appeal lies in their ability to reflect and refract light, creating a mesmerizing play of colors and enhancing the perception of space. Glass tiles also provide a modern and sleek aesthetic that seamlessly blends with a variety of design styles. As they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, they are the most versatile tiles to adorn your shower with.

Due to their smooth and non-porous surface, they are able to roll off water and soap residue without leaving behind any stain or discoloration. This feature also makes these tiles a breeze to clean and maintain. A simple wipe down with a squeegee or a soft cloth can do the trick. 

Design Ideas 

  • Subway Glass Tiles: Use sleek, elongated glass subway tiles to create a contemporary and clean look in your shower. These tiles can be arranged vertically or horizontally to achieve different effects.
  • Mosaic Glass Tiles: Create intricate patterns or feature walls using small glass mosaic tiles. These tiles come in an array of colors, allowing you to craft a design that complements your bathroom’s color scheme.
  • Trapezoid Glass Tiles: The unique shape of the trapezoid bounces the light off the glass surface and creates a truly mesmerizing look. You can install warm white lights for the evening and the natural light from the sun brings them alive in the mornings. From dawn to dusk, they play a perfect role in dancing the light around.


You can create a distinct shower space by incorporating herringbone pattern tiles. The V-shaped layout creates a sense of movement and depth, adding a dynamic visual interest to the walls or floor. 

The interlocking tiles produce a harmonious and symmetrical look, whether used with traditional ceramic tiles, natural stone, or more modern materials like glass or metallic tiles. The herringbone pattern also plays with light and shadow, enhancing the room’s overall ambiance by creating subtle variations in texture and reflection. It’s a design that is as versatile as it is beautiful. 

Design Ideas

  • Monochromatic Elegance: Opt for a single color scheme with white, gray, or neutral herringbone tiles to create a sophisticated and clean look. This design complements various bathroom styles, from contemporary to classic.
  • Marble Luxury: Choose marble herringbone tiles for a luxurious and timeless appearance. The veining in marble adds a touch of natural beauty and sophistication to your shower.
  • Border or Accent Wall: Limit the herringbone pattern to a border or an accent wall within the shower, allowing it to serve as a focal point while keeping the rest of the space more straightforward.

Mosaic Tiles  

Mosaic tiles are available in a myriad of patterns, colors, designs and textures which bring a level of beauty and artistic flair that is hard to match with other materials. The small, intricately arranged tiles form a mosaic that captures the essence of meticulous craftsmanship. 

Their visual allure lies in their ability to transform a shower space into a work of art. The interplay of colors, patterns, and textures can evoke a wide range of emotions and design aesthetics. You can truly let your creative juices flow with mosaic tiles. 

Design Ideas

  • Accent Wall: Use mosaic tiles on one wall of the shower as a captivating focal point. The contrast between the mosaic wall and plain or solid-colored tiles on the other walls creates a visually stunning effect.
  • Gradient Patterns: Choose mosaic tiles in a gradient pattern to create a sense of movement and flow in your shower. These can range from monochromatic gradients to multi color blends.
  • Borderless Design: Extend the mosaic tile design from the shower walls to the bathroom walls, creating a cohesive and flowing visual that brings the whole bathroom together.

Deco Tiles 

Deco tiles are like works of art in tile form. These tiles are created with intricate patterns, often mimicking Moroccan or Moorish designs. They capture attention with their fine detailing and vivid colors. You can create a focal point in your shower with these tiles,   transforming the space into a luxurious retreat. 

The beauty of deco tiles lies in their ability to infuse character, personality, and a sense of opulence into an otherwise functional area. They offer a delightful contrast to the simplicity of solid-colored tiles, creating an element of surprise and delight as you enter the shower. 

Whether it’s a single accent strip of deco tiles or an entire feature wall, these tiles add depth and dimension to the shower, making it a visually captivating and inviting space.

Design Ideas

  • Deco Mosaic Floor: Create a stunning focal point by using deco mosaic tiles on the shower floor. The intricate pattern will be visible from every angle, making your daily shower an artistic experience.
  • Deco Feature Wall: Cover the entire wall of the shower with deco tiles. This bold design choice can transform your shower into a true statement piece, allowing you to showcase your unique style.
  • Colorful Accents: Inject vibrancy into the shower by selecting deco tiles with rich, bold colors. This can add a sense of playfulness and energy to the space.

Penny Round 

Penny round tiles in a shower can bring a unique and enchanting beauty to the space. These tiny, coin-like tiles, available in various materials like ceramic, glass, or marble, form a mosaic that exudes charm and sophistication. 

Whether you choose a monochromatic or multicolored palette, penny round tiles can be used to create stunning, eye-catching designs, from simple patterns to intricate mosaics. The reflective properties of glass penny rounds can also add a subtle shimmer and luster, creating a spa-like ambiance in your shower. 

Paired with the right fixtures, lighting, and accessories, penny round tiles offer a delightful blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication to transform your shower into a space of unparalleled beauty. Penny Round White Blue Silver Metallic Glossy Glass Mosaic Tile

Design Ideas

  • Monochromatic Elegance: Choose a single color for your penny round tiles to create a sleek, monochromatic look. White or light gray penny rounds can provide a timeless and clean design while turquoise and mint green give a visual depth to your shower.
  • Mosaic Masterpiece: Create a mosaic masterpiece by blending various penny round colors and materials to craft intricate patterns or designs. These mosaics can serve as focal points in your shower.
  • Gradient Effect: Arrange the penny round tiles in a gradient pattern, transitioning from one color to another, for a stunning ombre effect that adds depth and visual interest.
Are you looking for bathroom shower tile ideas?  In this article, we'll delve into some options that are gaining momentum in bathroom design.

Elevate Your Bathroom with White Tiles: A Trendy Guide to Shower Tile Ideas 

White tiles are a classic choice when it comes to bathroom shower design, and they continue to trend, providing a timeless and versatile option for homeowners. Whether you’re looking to make a subtle statement or create a bold pop in your bathroom, white tiles offer endless inspiration for your shower area. In this blog post, we’ll explore various shower tile ideas, including white subway tile, marble tile, hexagons, contrasting grout, and more, that can transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

1. White Subway Tile for Timeless Elegance

White subway tiles have been a go-to choice for shower designs for decades, and their popularity shows no sign of waning. These rectangular tiles with a glossy finish create a classic look that’s perfect for both traditional and modern bathrooms. With contrasting grout, white subway tiles can add depth and character to your shower while keeping a clean and timeless feel.

2. Marble Tile: A Touch of Luxury

Marble tiles exude luxury and sophistication, making them a great choice for those who want their bathroom shower to make a statement. White marble tiles with delicate veining can create a sense of opulence and inspiration, turning your shower area into a mini-spa. Paired with brass fixtures, white marble tiles offer a perfect blend of classic and contemporary design.

3. Hexagons: A Fresh Take on Geometry

Hexagon tiles have gained popularity in recent years for their unique shape and versatility. White hexagon tiles can bring a trendy and artistic touch to your bathroom shower. Their geometric pattern can pop when combined with colorful grout, making your shower a focal point in your bathroom design.

4. Contrasting Grout for Depth

One way to add depth and personality to your white tiles is by using contrasting grout. Dark grout with white tiles creates a striking effect that draws the eye to the individual tiles. This contrast adds a modern twist to your shower while maintaining the classic appeal of white tiles.

5. Brass Fixtures: The Perfect Companion

To complement your white tile shower, consider using brass fixtures. Brass fixtures provide a warm, elegant touch, creating a beautiful contrast against the pristine white backdrop. This combination can instantly elevate the design of your bathroom shower.

6. Large Format Tiles: A Contemporary Choice

Large format tiles are a contemporary trend that can make a small bathroom appear more spacious. White tiles in a large format create a clean, seamless look that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. This design choice can turn a small guest bathroom into a welcoming oasis.

7. Penny Tiles: A Unique Twist

Penny tiles offer a unique twist to your bathroom shower design. These smaller tiles can be arranged to create intricate patterns or provide a subtle texture. White penny tiles can be used on the shower floor or as a backsplash to add a touch of playfulness and creativity.

8. Walk-In Shower Tile Idea: Embracing Minimalism

If you have a spacious bathroom and want to embrace a minimalist trend, consider a walk-in shower with white tiles. Large, continuous white tile surfaces on both the floor and walls can create an open and airy atmosphere that exudes luxury and relaxation.

9. Granite Tile: Durability Meets Style

For those looking for a durable and long-lasting option, white granite tiles are an excellent choice for shower floors. These tiles provide a natural, timeless look while withstanding the rigors of daily use. The sleek, polished surface of granite tiles can offer a modern edge to your shower design.

Incorporating white tiles into your bathroom shower design opens the door to countless possibilities. Whether you prefer classic, modern, or something in between, white tiles can provide the foundation for your ideal bathroom oasis. So, let your creativity flow, and transform your shower area into a space that not only meets your practical needs but also becomes a stylish focal point in your home.

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Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas:  Tips for Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Specific Needs

When choosing tiles for your bathroom shower, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

1. Durability: Choose tiles that are resistant to water, moisture, and temperature changes. Look for materials like ceramic, stone, or glass, which are known for their durability.

2. Slip resistance: Safety should be a priority in a shower area. Opt for tiles with slip-resistant properties, especially for the shower floor. Pebble tiles or textured stone tiles are excellent choices for enhancing traction.

3. Maintenance: Consider the level of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. Some tiles may require more frequent cleaning or sealing to keep them looking their best. Choose tiles that fit your lifestyle and maintenance preferences.

4. Style and aesthetic: Think about the overall style and aesthetic you want to achieve in your bathroom. Consider the existing decor and choose tiles that complement or enhance the overall design. Ceramic and glass tiles offer a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, allowing you to customize your shower space.

5. Size and layout: Consider the size of your shower area and the layout you want to create. Larger tiles can make a small space feel more expansive, while mosaic tiles or smaller formats can add visual interest and flexibility in design.

6. Budget: Set a budget that works for you and consider it when choosing tiles. Different tile materials come with varying price ranges, so be sure to explore options that align with your budget without compromising quality.

7. Seek professional advice: If you’re unsure about tile options or installation, consult with a professional tile installer or interior designer who can guide you in choosing the right tiles for your needs and provide expert advice on installation and maintenance.

By considering these tips, you’ll be able to choose tiles that are not only visually appealing but also functional and durable for your specific shower needs.

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Wrapping Up!

Recreating your shower space serves more than just the functionality of the space; it is a place where you can wash off your day’s stress and worries. As this kingdom of solace is your safe zone, you need to feel the warmth and comfort when you step into it. So, go beyond the ordinaries and infuse your personality into your shower space

From the tranquil beauty of pebble tiles to the enchanting translucence of glass tiles and an array of other unconventional options, it’s evident that creativity knows no bounds. So, whether you want a modern feel or a rustic look, there are multiple ways to create your desired space, you just have to look through the catalog.

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