Home Garage Gym Setup: Amazing Ideas To Start Now

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So, you want a home garage gym? If you’re on a budget, here are some ideas to start building your own gym.

Do you want a garage gym setup in your home? If you're on a budget, here are some ideas of where to start building your home gym.

Working out at home is now in vogue more than ever before, thanks to the pandemic and the general desire to avoid gyms. So, naturally, people are wondering how to create the best home gym that aligns with the available space and brings the best value.

Obviously, space limitations are the biggest issue. Most people don’t have warehouse-sized areas that are ready to convert into a workout space. But setting up your own garage gym can be done in a small space or spare room, especially if you’re smart about the exercise equipment you choose. In this post, we run through some of the home gym equipment you will need for a push pull split. Hopefully, this will help you keep your fitness goals on track, and who knows, you may never renew that gym membership.

Here’s a list of some things you might want to consider for your Garage Gym Setup

1. Dumbbell Stack

Dumbbells are used for weight training. Dumbbell stacks are basically large stands with a bunch of dumbbell weights hanging off either side. Most stacks run from one to ten kgs (about 22 pounds), although you can get larger stacks with heavy weights. 

The great thing about these racks is that they don’t take up much space. You could probably put them in the corner of your living room in a pinch and nobody would notice. 

2. Kettlebell

Kettlebells are another incredibly versatile piece of equipment you can use for strength training – everything from shoulder presses to strengthening your core. The great thing about these is that they are designed to be thrown around. So they’re ideal for plyometrics. Plus, just like the dumbbell stack, they hardly take up any space. 

3. Stationary Bike

When it comes to cardiovascular equipment, you have a lot of options. The best, though, is probably the stationary bike. It takes up limited space and you can use it either standing or sitting depending on the difficulty setting. Some bikes come with built-in screens that keep you entertained while you exercise, which is a nice touch. 

4. Full Length Mirror

Have you ever noticed that your commercial gym always has a full-length mirror? There’s a good reason for this, besides gawking at yourself. It allows you to track your form.

You have a couple of options here: you can either use freestanding mirrors – great if you’re planning on repurposing the room at a later date. Or you can ask contractors to bolt mirror panels to the wall. If you have good DIY skills, you can probably do this yourself. 

5. Add A Rope Training System

Today there are a variety of rope training systems on the market. These are pieces of fixed scaffolding with cords and ropes attached. You can then use these to perform a wide variety of exercises according to your routine. Pairing a rope training system with dumbbells is a great option, you will have all the equipment you need to train every muscle in your body. 

6. Bench

To complete your home gym, you’ll need a weight bench (and preferably a squat rack if you have room). Benches are often necessary for pushing and pulling exercises. 

Other additions to your home gym could include things like padded flooring, sound systems, and air conditioning.

7. Establish a Routine

No matter what you do, once you have these items, it’s important to set up a routine for your workout. The good news is, if you don’t want to buy any equipment, you can start with walking! The main thing is to just get moving. You can find more information here on Fitness Friday!  

Other work out equipment that doesn’t take a ton of space:

  • jump rope
  • resistance bands
  • pull-up bar
  • adjustable dumbbells
  • yoga mats

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Do you want a garage gym setup in your home? If you're on a budget, here are some ideas of where to start building your home gym.

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