Building a Garage and Driveway Paving

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Is it worth it to pave a driveway? How do I build my own garage? In this post, we’ll cover some information regarding building a garage and driveway paving.

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Is it worth it to pave a driveway? How do I build my own garage? In this post we'll over some information regarding building a garage and driveway paving.

One of the biggest aspects of home improvement is improving the curb appeal of your home. Whether you are doing home improvement projects before selling or you just want to feel happier knowing your property looks a little bit better, curb appeal is everything. But this means that we’ve got to do something extra not just to the exterior of the house but to the driveway and the garage. And what if you don’t have a driveway to the garage but there is a space at the front of your house crying out for it? Here, let’s show you the way to drive your home in the right direction.

Before Starting the Projects

If you want your garage and driveway project to unlock the very best results, you must not overlook the impact of surrounding features. Even a luxury structure will fail to impress if it does not match the overall look and vibe of the property. So, before starting the work, you must consider the current appearance of the home. Likewise, you should consider the upgrades that may be completed over the coming months.

This is the perfect time to think about additional steps that will boost the home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and value. Some of the jobs you may wish to consider include;

  • Using a window replacement service to improve the look and efficiency of the main property.
  • Painting the brickwork or adding new cladding materials.
  • Repairing roof faults or adding solar panels to make the property eco-friendly with green energy.
  • Adding automated gates for a luxury vibe.
  • Planting some plants or small trees to help beautify the outside areas of the home.
  • Once these aspects are under control, you can turn your attention back to the project at hand with confidence.

Preparing to Build a Driveway

Before you start building you’ve got to ensure that your land is suitable for a driveway. There are a couple of questions that you need to ask yourself before you begin.

  • What are the drainage systems like? 

The first thing you want to determine is the drainage to the surrounding areas. If there are issues with the land it’s important to ensure that you are prepared. Trench drainage does a great job of directing the water away from your home and garage. Water lingering on your land can cause significant problems over time. Nobody wants to live in an area that is prone to flooding. So in order to guarantee you are living on good quality land, you need to do your research. Inspect the land blueprints and understand the boundaries before you start building. Once you are confident you can start to research the best trench drain systems and undertake a risk assessment.

  • How long will the project take?

Having a timeframe is also crucial. You need to make sure that the land is suitable first but then you need to get a good idea as to how long it will take. You need to factor in both the labor costs in terms of time as well as the cost of materials to arrive at the total cost of the project. You also need to consider if you will be removing an existing driveway. The materials can be a significant amount of money so you need to guarantee that you are purchasing high quality materials suitable for the land rather than going for the cheapest driveway paving option. 

Having everything in check so you are ready to undertake a project of this magnitude is crucial. It’s something that we don’t always give much consideration to until it’s too late. Making over a garage and installing a driveway isn’t a quick job.

Paving the Driveway

Building the driveway isn’t just about choosing the materials you may also want to find the right company that can help you. An experienced contractor can help you make a better investment by making sure the materials you choose meet your specific needs and that you end up with a durable driveway. The paving company can give you the best options for your new driveway whether it is asphalt paving, a gravel driveway, concrete pavers or poured concrete, paving stones or brick pavers. You want to discuss the different options to ensure the type of driveway you choose will be the best material for your needs in terms of long-term costs and required maintenance. Also bear in mind that the best choice for driveway installations in cold climates will be different than in warm climates.

If you plan on doing it yourself there are very specific instructionsto followw after you have surveyed the land and gotten the go-ahead. If you want to do it yourself the approach comprises a handful of key processes:

  • Excavating the topsoil using an excavator machine or a shovel and leveling at the construction area.
  • Laying wooden forms around the area and anchoring them with stakes to ensure that when you are pouring the concrete it doesn’t spill outside the area.
  • Firming up the soil and the gravel with sand and an essential filler. Adding a thin layer of gravel guarantees thickness to the base.
  • Using a small plate compactor you compact the soil and gravel.
  • Reinforcing your foundation with mesh to strengthen your driveway.
  • Pouring concrete either by using a wheelbarrow or a tractor depending on the scope of the driveway.
  • Leveling out the concrete using a trowel.
  • Setting the concretes which can take between a few days and up to 3.5 weeks.

Decorating Your Driveway

Once the driveway has been completed, you now have the opportunity to decorate it the way you want. Some people like a basic driveway with minimal decoration. But you may want to include certain ornaments to give your drive a little bit of something extra. Here are some suggestions:

  • Installing lights, as this will illuminate your path during the night. It also helps to make the driveway infinitely more attractive especially if you are relying on street lamps for ambiance.
  • Installing a wrought iron or wooden fence, as this will separate the driveway from the rest of the garden. If you have pets that you need to keep away from a front garden this is a very simple thing to set up.
  • Incorporating plants and hedges, which can form a very colorful path up to the house. You can combine species and colors to make the driveway as vibrant as you want.
  • Installing a fountain on the wall of the drive. This is a perfect combination with plants to incorporate a more rustic feel to the property.

Covering the Driveway With a Roof

If you are concerned about the elements, you may want to cover the driveway with a low roof. Many people don’t choose this option because they would rather leave their drive open to the elements. But when you are looking for a solid structure to protect the garage or the drive itself a metal canopy roof is a cost-effective option. This low roof option can easily cover up the space especially if you live in an area prone to rain and you are waiting for the concrete to set.

Building the Garage

Incorporating a garage with your home is a significant new construction project. Adding a garage is always a good idea because it gives your home easy access and a parking area. However, garages are more than just a parking space these days, they are very useful for extra storage. It also gives you the option to turn it into a living space further down the line. So you need to decide whether you want an attached garage or a detached one. Attached garages are a popular choice in cold weather climates. If you are building a garage onto an existing property it will be classed as an extension which can help you navigate planning permission. 

When it comes to a detached garage, it has its own unique benefits. A detached garage can be any style you like and can serve multiple purposes. These days you can purchase a detached garage to match the main home with preparation and site work included in the cost.

Choosing the Garage Door

When you’ve built the structure, you may want to choose a different type of garage door to suit your home’s aesthetic. It all depends on the size of the garage as well as the opening mechanism that is best for the home. Certain materials and styles are suitable for a particular environment. If you live in a coastal area the salty air can degrade metals and timber. But having glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) can be very useful in these types of locations. GRP is one of the main three material options. The other two are solid timber and galvanized steel. Steel is lightweight and timber is heavier and costlier. When you’re choosing the opening mechanism you may want to pick a roller door which is a very popular option as it takes up almost no room and is automated. However, if you want to and something with a bit of character timber or steel can incorporate relief designs and glazing.

Giving the Garage Door a Makeover

If you want to give your garage door something different, giving it a makeover with your own original theme designs and colors is entirely your prerogative. Most people create a functional and modern door to match the color of the property. While you may want to paint the garage door in attractive colors to make a fantastic impression it’s crucial to choose that light colors to complement the home. A lot of designers talk about the “wow” factor when it comes to the front door but it’s important to make sure that the garage door stands out in the right ways. You have to have a certain sense of coherence between the interior of the property and the exterior. A garage door with a contrasting color will make the property stand out in the wrong way.

Making over your driveway or adding a driveway and garage to the property is going to increase its value infinitely. But in order to get to this point, there’s a lot to consider. When you begin to makeover a driveway it’s not just about the budget but it’s about ensuring that, aesthetically, it is suitable. You also need to remember that a garage is an incredibly useful extension to the property but it can be an extra cost that can ramp up your home insurance. But when we are looking to make a considerable change to our property a garage and a driveway can do a lot, practically speaking, and also in terms of ramping up the aesthetic. Garages and driveways are, in many places, hard to come by which makes them the pinnacle of curb appeal.


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