Organic Cleaning – DIY Recipes and Tips To Clean the Chemical-Free and Natural Way

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You asked for it, that’s right you! You challenged me and I’m forever grateful for it. You wanted some of my recipes in a printable form and now you can have them.

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I finally created my first Ebook and Paperback! Organic Cleaning – DIY Recipes & Tips To Clean the Chemical-Free and Natural Way.

It includes some of your most requested recipes – DIY Household Cleaners, DIY Laundry Cleaners, 15 Ways To Use Rubbing Alcohol, Natural Cleaning with Vinegar, and DIY Household Cleaners with Citrus!

I have also included links in the ebook that will bring you to my website, and or to some of the cleaning supplies I talk about.

I’m super excited about this and want to personally thank you for requesting and challenging me to do this!

Have you always wanted a clean home but without the harsh chemicals?

If you want to avoid illnesses like breast cancer it’s important to clean with natural and organic products.

When cleaning your home there are amazing ways to be efficient with your time as well as minimize the chemicals in your home. Great natural and organic products to clean your home are vinegar, baking soda, and castile soap. All of these items cost pennies to use when you clean.

In this bookyou’ll learn

  • What natural and organic products to use
  • The recipes to create
  • How to use the cleaners in your home
  • Tips and Tricks
  • How inexpensive it is to clean naturally

So what are you waiting for? Start cleaning organically and naturally today!

Chas blogs and creates YouTube videos at Chas’ Crazy Creations. She creates tutorials on how to repurpose, upcycle, organize, clean, and hack today. She has had several featured DIYs and cleaning videos with millions of views. She is considered the “go to person” for some large companies when it comes to cleaning naturally and organically.

You can get your copy today through Amazon!

Learn more about “Why to Deep Clean and Organize Your Home” to save money, function better, and keep your sanity. 

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