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Easy Personalizable Kid’s Luminary

Easy Personalizable Kid’s Luminary
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Up-cycle a glass jar into a kid’s luminary. This project is inexpensive, personalizable, you can involve the kids or make it as a gift.

You’ll need:
A glass jar
Contact paper
Frosted Glass Spray Paint (I used Rustoleum from Walmart)
A printed picture of something your child likes
Battery Operated Tealight
Cut the contact paper to your desired “window” size and place on the jar.
Spray your jar with the frosted glass spray paint. Let dry completely.
Peel off the contact paper.
Cut your image to fit in your jar, and place your image inside the jar.
You have 2 options of how you’d like to place your image. This is the first on the back side of the jar.
Place the battery operated tealight in the jar.
You’re luminary is complete.
Onto the second option which leaves the tealight more hidden.
Place your image right in front of the clear window you created with the contact paper.
Place the battery operated tealight in the jar.
Here is your image through the window.
Here is the image with the light on and hidden behind the paper.
Makes a great luminary for a child’s room. This one could be used outside since the lid seals over the jar.

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