Organize Your Travel Cups and Tea/drink Mixes

Organize Your Travel Cups and Tea/drink Mixes
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Just a few inexpensive supplies will help get your into shape.
These were our travel cups. They were a mess and were always getting knocked over no matter how many times I tried to organize them.
I found these book bins at Walmart. They even hook together keeping them really solid.

I gave each family member a bin.
Now everything stays in it’s place.

Friends would come over and want tea, but what a pain to take out all the boxes…
I got these bins at the Dollar Tree
I pulled everything out and got to work.
My top bin contained loose teas, box teas that aren’t individually wrapped, sugar, and my tea steeper that I got for Christmas.

My bottom bin contained all the individual wrapped teas, immune drinks, & water flavor packets. As this dwindles down I’m planning on getting my hot chocolate packets in here as well – we were just extra stocked from Christmas.
Now they stack on the shelf above the travel cups. When friends come over I just pull the trays out.
I showed this system on Hometalk Live – you can see it here:

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This was featured on Hometalk Live, if you want to watch the episode click here.

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