Dish Towel Crafts: Easy and Amazing DIYs

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Are you looking for dish towel crafts? Here are several easy and cute ideas that make great gift ideas for friends and family!

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Do you like to make gifts for your family and friends?  Me too.  If you like to give meaningful and affordable gifts this is a great option!  I will show you 4 ways to make dish towels plus some extra crafts you can do with flour sack dish towels, and you can mix and match any of these ideas.

*For all of these, pre-wash and dry your dish towel before you get started.

Are you looking for dish towel crafts?  Here are several easy and cute ideas that make great gift ideas for friends and family!

Dish Towel Crafts:

Monogram Dish Towels

Materials List:

  1. Dish Towel (e.g., flour sack dish towel, cotton, linen, or any kitchen towel of your choice)
  2. Stencils
  3. Fabric Marker


Place your middle stencil down first and color it in with the fabric marker.

Repeat this step with the next 2 stencils on either side of the center one.

Let dry completely.  Optional – you can heat set the marker by throwing it in the drier for 5 minutes.

How do you make stamped kitchen towels?

Materials List:

  1. Dish Towel
  2. Acrylic Paint
  3. Cookie Cutters (of your choice or themed designs)


Dip the cookie cutters into the acrylic paint, be sure to coat the cutters well for a good stamp.

Stamp the cookie cutter onto the dish towel.  You won’t need to press hard but press evenly to make sure the paint goes on everywhere.

Let dry completely, and it’s ready.

Fingerprint Heirloom Dish Towels

Materials List:

  1. Dish Towel
  2. Acrylic Paint


Press your thumb into the paint, and smear it around a bit so you don’t get too much or too little on.  You’ll want an even coat.

You’ll be making a heart shape. Press your thumb diagonally down one direction…

Add more paint if you need to, and press your thumb down diagonally in the other direction completing the heart.

Make as many or as few hearts as desired.  Feel free to add a variety of colors – perhaps everyone that is involved uses their favorite color.  Let dry completely.

How do you make handprint towels?

You follow this same tutorial only instead of using just your thumbs, you would dip your whole hand in the paint and then press it onto the towel.

Handprint towels can add a pop of color to your dish towels and make a great gift, especially for moms or even grandma. You can use acrylic paint or fabric paint. Make sure you coat the palm side of the hand evenly with the paint then just apply firm, even pressure when you imprint the towel. Let it dry completely and you have a memorable piece of home decor.

Heirloom Recipe Dish Towel

Materials List:

  1. Dish Towel
  2. Heirloom Recipe
  3. Iron-On Transfer Paper
  4. Iron

Take an family recipe and preserve the memory and handwriting on a dish towel. I made these for my aunts and uncles using my grandparent’s recipes. To see the tutorial on this project please go -Heirloom Recipe Dish Towel

Your dishtowel is ready to use, and be sure to wash it according to the package instructions.

DIY Photo or Art Dish Towel

Do you want some DIY photo gifts? I have 15 super easy and amazing gifts that are good for any occasion. You can find the full tutorial at 15 Amazing and Easy DIY Photo Gifts For Any Occasion

Are you looking for cheap DIY fall decor? I have a few to share with you today and all of them cost me under $10 to create.

Dish Towel Pillow

Are you looking for cheap DIY fall decor? I have a few to share with you today and all of them cost me under $10 to create. You can find the full tutorial at Easy and Cheap DIY Fall Decor on a Budget with Video

Tea Towel Art Hack Easy DIY

Tea Towel Crafts – How do you display decorative kitchen towels?

Want to make tea towel art for under $20? This easy DIY hack turns tea towels into art that can be used all year round! This is a great project for vintage tea towels as well. You can find the full tutorial at Tea Towel Art Hack Easy DIY

You can even use these fantastic ghosts to light your walkway on Halloween night.

Easy Halloween Dish Towel Ghost

Are you wondering how to make DIY Halloween yard decorations on a budget? Here are some easy Halloween decorations. You can find the full tutorial at Easy and Fun DIY Halloween Yard Decorations on a Budget

Dish Towel Crafts Q & A

What can you make out of tea towels?

Besides the above crafts, here are some more ideas!

  1. Customized Tea Towels:
    • Use fabric markers or paints to create your own designs on plain tea towels.
    • Add monograms, hand-lettered quotes, or illustrations to personalize them.
  2. Embroidery:
    • Embroider intricate patterns or designs on plain tea towels for a handmade touch.
  3. Patchwork Tea Towels:
    • Sew together fabric scraps to create patchwork tea towels for a unique look.
  4. Tassel or Fringe Embellishments:
    • Add tassels or fringes to the corners of your tea towels for a boho or decorative touch.
  5. Stenciling:
    • Use stencils and fabric paint to create patterns or images on plain tea towels.
  6. Dip-Dye or Tie-Dye:
    • Create beautiful ombre or tie-dye patterns on plain tea towels using fabric dye.
  7. Appliqué:
    • Cut out fabric shapes or designs and sew or glue them onto your tea towels.
  8. Quilting:
    • Create quilted tea towels with various fabric pieces for a cozy and textured look.
  9. Kitchen-Themed Prints:
    • Print kitchen-related graphics or recipes onto your dish towels using transfer paper.
  10. Photo Transfer:
    • Transfer your favorite photos onto tea or dish towels using transfer paper and a printer.
  11. Holiday and Seasonal Themes:
    • Create tea towels with designs that celebrate specific holidays or seasons.
  12. Bleach Art:
    • Use a bleach solution to create unique designs or patterns on dark-colored tea towels.
  13. Ribbon or Lace Accents:
    • Sew ribbons, lace, or other trims onto the edges of your tea towels for a delicate touch.
  14. Fabric Scraps Collage:
    • Create a collage using fabric scraps and adhere them to your tea towels for a colorful and textured look.
  15. Tea Towel Apron:
    • Convert tea towels into simple aprons by adding ties and a pocket.
  16. Tea Towel Tote Bag:
    • Sew a few tea towels together to make a simple and reusable tote bag.
  17. Kitchen Utensil Holder:
    • Stitch a few tea towels together to create a holder for kitchen utensils or cutlery.
  18. Tea Towel Pillow Covers:
    • Sew tea towels together to make decorative pillow covers for your home.
  19. Tea Towel Placemats:
    • Use tea towels as placemats, or sew multiple towels together for larger placemats.
  20. Tea Towel Bunting:
    • Create bunting or banners by stringing together decorated tea towels for special occasions.

These craft ideas offer a wide range of ways to transform plain tea towels and dish towels into personalized, functional, and decorative items. Enjoy your creative projects!

What is dish towel fabric called?

Dish towels are typically made from a variety of fabrics, and the choice of fabric can vary based on personal preference and intended use. Common fabrics used for dish towels include:

  1. Cotton: This is the most common material for dish towels. Cotton is absorbent and durable, making it ideal for drying dishes.
  2. Linen: Linen dish towels are known for their lint-free properties and their ability to dry dishes without leaving streaks.
  3. Hemp: Hemp dish towels are eco-friendly and durable, making them a sustainable choice.
  4. Flour Sack Cloth: Often made from pure cotton, flour sack cloths are lightweight and highly absorbent.
  5. Microfiber: Microfiber dish towels are known for their exceptional absorbency and ability to clean without streaks.
  6. Terry Cloth: While terry cloth is more commonly associated with bath towels, it can also be used for dish towels. It’s highly absorbent.
  7. Linen-Cotton Blends: A blend of linen and cotton combines the best of both materials, offering absorbency and lint-free drying.

The specific type of fabric used can affect the texture, absorbency, and durability of the dish towel, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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Are you looking for dish towel crafts?  Here are several easy and cute ideas that make great gift ideas for friends and family!

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