Heirloom Recipe Dish Towel

Heirloom Recipe Dish Towel
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Take an family recipe and preserve the memory and handwriting on a dish towel. I made these for my aunts and uncles using my grandparent’s recipes.
This project is easy, costs less than $3, and only about 10-15 minutes to make.
First you’ll need to either scan or take a photo of your recipe card to make it digital, and crop it to your liking.


You’ll need to copy and paste the photo onto a Word Doc or something else of your choice. You’ll follow the directions on your iron on transfer paper, mine asked me to flip the image. That was easy as you just drag it across and it flips for you in Word.
I’m using a light colored dish towel so I can use iron on transfer paper for light fabrics. They sell iron on transfers for dark fabrics too – they are different so make sure you get what you need.


Print your image onto the transfer paper by following the printer instructions on the package.
Cut your image out.


I’m using a 100% cotton dish towel. You can find them in packages at Walmart.
Follow your package instructions for your iron settings. Mine said to make sure the steam was off, and turn it to cotton setting.
Wash and dry your fabric to get it ready. Iron your dish towel to get rid of wrinkles.
Place your image on the dish towel where you want it to go.


Iron the transfer onto the dish towel. Follow your transfer paper instructions for length of time.
  • Let it cool
Peel off the iron on transfer paper backing.
You’re done.
Hang your towel up and enjoy using it, or give it as a gift.

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