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Fall Leaf Sun Catcher

Fall Leaf Sun Catcher
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Preserving leaves and making a sun catcher is inexpensive, and a great project for adults, families together, kids, etc.

First collect your leaves – fresh ones are the best.
Lay them on a paper towel.
Put another paper towel over the top.
Set a heavy book/dictionary, etc on top of the leaves to press them flat. Keep them like this for at least a week. Then check and see if they’re dry. If not, leave them there longer, otherwise you’re ready to begin.
You’ll need 2 picture frames of the same size. You can used repurposed ones, thrift store finds, or Dollar Tree. Just make sure the glass is the same size for both pictures.
Take the back off the first frame.
Lay your leaves on the glass the way you’d like them to be.
Take the glass out of the second frame and put it on the back of the first frame.
(You’ll have a “glass sandwich” – glass, leaves, glass.)
Bend the prongs around the 2 pieces of glass to hold in place.
Optional – I cut off one of the hanging sections from the cardboard back of my frame and used a 3M double stick tape to attach it to my frame so I could hang it if I wanted.
This is the front of mine.
I have had mine for years now and the leaves have kept well.
Happy Fall Y’all!

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