Firefly In A Jar
Growing up in Minnesota we used to catch fireflies in the evenings. It was such a magical experience to run around with them. We would catch them, put them in a mason jar, watch them, and then release them. I wanted to create something to have in my home during the summer that could capture that memory.… (13 comments)

Easy Way To Arrange Flowers
I have never thought of myself as good at arranging flowers - I admit it. I wanted to bring some of my lavender in to enjoy and came up with a very easy way to arrange flowers and you don't need to be a pro to do it! It's so easy and inexpensive - you can even adjust this idea to for bigger arrangements too.… (6 comments)

Vintage Bundt Pan to Solar Flower!
I have had this pink vintage bundt pan for a few years now.  I have tried doing a couple things with it but nothing has stuck - I wanted more for it.  I finally came up with something unique and special to help make it "shine".  I turned it into a solar flower!  (Those of you who know me are saying "of course you did" - lol)… (13 comments)