Daisy Clothespin Wreath
I absolutely love daisies and wanted to make something new for my front door this summer. With just a few inexpensive items - clothespins, wreath form, and a mirror - I made an easy daisy clothespin wreath!… (8 comments)

Inexpensive & Easy Art Work
This artwork is inexpensive and easy. Anyone (including kids) can make it, and because it is inexpensive you can afford to make this kind of artwork for different seasons, holidays, occasions, etc.… (2 comments)

Firefly In A Jar
Growing up in Minnesota we used to catch fireflies in the evenings. It was such a magical experience to run around with them. We would catch them, put them in a mason jar, watch them, and then release them. I wanted to create something to have in my home during the summer that could capture that memory.… (13 comments)

Easy Way To Arrange Flowers
I have never thought of myself as good at arranging flowers - I admit it. I wanted to bring some of my lavender in to enjoy and came up with a very easy way to arrange flowers and you don't need to be a pro to do it! It's so easy and inexpensive - you can even adjust this idea to for bigger arrangements too.… (6 comments)