Should I Eat Breakfast If I’m Not Hungry: The Easy Guide

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Should I eat breakfast if I’m not hungry? I have never been a breakfast person, but here are some facts as to why we should be eating it.

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Breakfast means many things to many people, but it’s also known to be the meal that many people skip should they need to. We’ve all had those days were rushing to work in the morning, dealing with the school run, or simply not feeling that hungry after you wake up will mean forgoing this vital meal, and sometimes you can get away with it.

But the truth is that for the most part, breakfast is a staple of a happy and healthy diet. It’s good to care for your breakfast, especially if you have others to feed in the household. If you’re on a fitness and dieting regime, skipping breakfast might feel like a good way to keep up with that, until you feel tired during your morning workout because of having little energy.

Should I eat breakfast if I'm not hungry?  I have never been a breakfast person, but here are some facts as to why we should be eating it.

Should I Eat Breakfast If I’m Not Hungry

In this post, we’ll discuss some advice for taking breakfast seriously again, while also considering time and enjoyment as essential factors here. With that in mind, let’s begin:

It’s Good To Fuel Your Brain

Breakfast is the meal where we break our fast from the night before, of course, and that means fuelling our brain for the day ahead. With some well-chosen proteins, healthy fats, or carbs, you can think more clearly and will set yourself up for the energy you need. Some worthwhile nuts, avocados, eggs, fresh fruit (sometimes freshly squeezed), and wholemeal bread can be a great idea, depending on what you’re interested in that day. Breakfast also gives you fifteen minutes to stop and reflect on your upcoming day – so it’s always best to give yourself some time to prepare comfortably each morning.

Breakfast Can Be Light & Simple

No matter if you enjoy homemade belgian waffles for a nice little indulgence, or a simple sunny-side-up egg over toast, a light, and simple breakfast helps you avoid feeling lethargic before you leave for work or school that day. So for those who aren’t necessarily hungry until around brunch-time, you can still enjoy something light, getting the benefits of breakfast and avoiding those mid-morning hunger pangs. In the long run, a well-attended breakfast will help you make the most of your mornings, and also aid you cognitively. You don’t have to spend time preparing ornate dishes unless you wish to.

Breakfast Can Be Heavy, Too

Common wisdom suggests eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a soldier, and dinner like a pauper. This is because the first meal sets you up for the day, your lunch meal tides you over, and your evening meal is often a precursor to sleeping well. Here you can make breakfast your main meal if you’re attending to an intermittent fasting lifestyle, for example, allowing you to feel satiated even if you’re dieting. A few rounds of wholemeal toast, some eggs or breakfast proteins, some yogurt, and fruit juice can hit all of your food groups and allow you to dive into your day with high energy levels. So if you enjoy indulging each morning – don’t be afraid to continue that.

Should I Eat Breakfast If I’m Not Hungry conclusion

With this advice, we hope you can continue to breakfast seriously again.

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Should I eat breakfast if I'm not hungry? I have never been a breakfast person, but here are some facts as to why we should be eating it.

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