No Soliciting & Message Board Signs

No Soliciting & Message Board Signs
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You’ll need a picture frame, tile, chalk board, or something like this which is a piece of slate I found in the dollar section at Target.

Using the paint marker, write no soliciting on your sign.

Place it near your door bell or somewhere where it is easy to be seen.

Another option would be to use a dry erase marker on your windows by your door or porch door and write the words “No Soliciting.” Dry erase comes off very easy if you want to clean windows, or change it up.



Have you ever had a workman coming to fix something and you don’t want to miss them because you are taking your kids to the bus, want to jump in the shower, etc? Make a message board for your front porch or any other area you may need it. It’s easy and inexpensive and you can personalize it.

You will need:
A picture frame (Dollar Tree – mine is actually framed artwork ready to go)
Photo background in the frame
Ribbon (Walmart)
Dry erase marker (Dollar Tree)
*For standing option you’ll need an easel (Dollar Tree)
Tie the end of the ribbon onto the back of the picture frame.
Decide on your desired length of the ribbon, cut it, and tie it to the handle on the dry erase marker.
Hot glue or your glue of choice the ribbon to the top corners of the picture frame.
Hang your picture on your front door and leave a message on it when you need to.  You don’t have to use the attached dry erase marker if you aren’t planning to leave it up so others that stopped by can leave messages for you.
Here is the easel option if you’d rather not hang it on your door.


I don’t know how many of you have had this happen, but I seem to get the 8am window for a delivery, workman, etc. I am always trying to decide what to do  jumping in the shower, walking on the treadmill (can’t hear the doorbell), etc. So I created this message board to help leave messages while I get some of those things done. I can also use this sign to greet friends and leave holiday wishes when it’s not in use for a message, and they can leave messages for us if we missed them.

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