How To Create A Happy Home Environment

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How can I make my home feel happy and more relaxing? In this post you’ll learn how to create a happy home environment.

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How can I make my home feel happy and more relaxing?  In this post you'll learn how to create a happy home environment.

If you voluntarily self-isolated at the start of the covid pandemic, you’ve probably realized something important about your decor: It needs to be updated regularly. When you spend more time indoors, you can begin to develop a sense of boredom about your interior decor. Seeing the same old walls and colors day after day can get a little tiring in the long term. Unfortunately, you can’t transform your home interior every week. It takes a lot of work and love to transform a room. 

As the days are getting shorter and colder, you are heading back to spending more time at home. After the odd year we’ve been having, it’s normal to feel like a caged animal from time to time. Start with the first room that will look dull to you is the room in which you spend the most time, aka your living room. The clue is in the name: The living room is made to be lived in. You could opt for a happy design that lets you update the space with each season. 

Here's our living room today, and after 19 years in this house boy has it changed! It's well used and well loved.

Keep a neutral decor

Feng Shui decor is designed to be accessorized and transformed as you see fit. But to do so, you need to create a neutral background that lets your accessories and seasonal decor pop. In a living room, neutral colors on the wall can help blend seasonal touches. Ideally, beige hues, creams, and whites are a good choice for your walls. If you fancy something a little more contemporary, you can use grays rather than creams to bring a modern edge to your interior. 

I placed my display on my dining room table.

Simple touches that add personality

Seasonal changes are some of the most exciting to make, especially during fall. Thanksgiving and Halloween give you plenty of opportunities to add playful details. Homemade autumnal wreaths are a favorite to hang on the wall! Cute pumpkins and warm autumnal hues can transform the atmosphere in the room! 

You can also look for pieces that enhance the seasonal changes, such as colorful living room rugs, for instance. A rust-colored rug can be a lovely addition that echoes the autumn leaves and makes the seasonal transition. In spring, you can look for pastel hues to represent the flowers, for example. You’d be surprised by how much a change of rug can affect the room! 

What I love about this project is that you could create these for ever season. You can remove the stuffing from one pillow and put it in the new one. This will also make storing the pillow covers super easy as they'll be flat.

Another smart and fun addition to your living room is a handmade pillow cover. Making your own covers is an easy DIY project that can inject a playful element. Bright Jack O’Lantern covers can elegantly bring the spirit of Halloween into your home! 

Create an accent that brings everything together

Your happy home decor doesn’t mean you can’t have playful color accents. On the contrary, you need to create a focal accent in the room. The seasonal accessories help transform the living room ambiance easily and rapidly, making the room evolve throughout the year. But you should also anchor your decor, which is where your focal accent comes into play. Upcycling your coffee table with a bright tabletop epoxy mixture adds a smart contemporary touch. Not keen on changing your coffee table? How about adding an art piece to the main wall? 

There’s no excuse for a dull living room. Thankfully, you don’t need to redecorate the room from scratch to make it feel alive. The combination of neutral backgrounds, seasonal hues, and stylish accents can build a constantly evolving atmosphere. Fall in love with your happy home again! 

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MOre Happy Home advice

  • get to know the other residents in your apartment complex or neighborhood
  • Swap recipes
  • Create a lifestyle you love in your home
  • Add comfort by making purchases whether it’s in the form of pillows and blankets or a Nintendo Switch Online
  • Watch for animal crossing – slow down when out an about in the neighborhood, kids too!
  • Seak professionals and expert advice when necessary. Every home owner needs a list for their new home. You’ll seek expert advice for home fixes, and you’ll need their expertise.
  • Clean out the clutter, and seek home organization – it’ll reduce your anxiety too
  • Know your family’s needs

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