How to Pick Dining Chairs and Table Easily

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Are you wondering how to pick dining chairs? The dining space is the central point for your gatherings. With the proper mood and comfortable dining chairs, you can enjoy the fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home. Although you can buy dining room furniture with a matching table and chairs, it can be fun to opt for a more eclectic approach. Coordinated dining sets tend to have a more traditional look and feel, but this could be a great opportunity to bring in new dining chairs that make your space feel customized to your design style. This will add decorative flair and prevent that matchy look. So how do you go about choosing the perfect dining chairs and table? Let’s find out.

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Are you wondering how to pick dining chairs?  Set the proper mood with comfortable dining chairs and a fabulous table.

How to Pick Dining Chairs and Table

Consider the modern approach

As we already mentioned, many furniture stores offer matching dining sets. This was a huge trend back in the 90s. People purchased a matched set with the same colors and style to make it easier. However, in recent years this has become an outdated trend. A common design element is to mix and match table styles with dining chair designs to create a cohesive, but eclectic look in the dining area.

Start with the table

To create a harmonious and balanced set, the first thing is to choose a dining table. Once you have selected a table you can go about the process of choosing the best chairs. Again, it is best if you don’t have a “matchy-matchy” set, but instead a better choice would be to have some variation in either color or materials or both.

Different material

To keep things playful, interior designers recommend mixing materials. You can choose different materials for the table and chairs, but keep the design within the same style. If you have a wood table, choosing metal dining chairs would be ideal. 

If you decide to keep the same material, make sure to add something additional to the chairs. An oak table will ideally complement oak upholstered chairs in a specific color. The upholstery will break up the monotony and add visual interest.

In addition, consider using different end chairs, that complement, but don’t match the other chairs, with rectangular or square tables. An easy way to do this is to use an armless dining chair or chairs with open backs at the ends of the table.

Varying colors

You don’t necessarily have to match the color of your table and chairs. For a bold and outstanding look, you can use different colors. This will add dimension and spruce up the space. However, you don’t necessarily need to go for bold and contrasting combinations if they don’t match your style. Even a slight variation in color will work fine. A black table with charcoal chairs is an ideal way to layer colors without feeling too bold.

Consider the flooring

Flooring is a natural backdrop to your dining set. When the table and flooring have the same wood finishes the dining set won’t be prominent. 

When you have wood flooring, avoid getting a wood table. Marble would complement timber, so consider this a trendy option. But if it matches your style to perfection, at least try to get a different color. 

When the dining table matches the flooring, you can break up the wood tones by using an area rug. This will allow the dining room table to stand out.

Get the corresponding size

Making the table and chairs work doesn’t only refer to the aesthetic. You need to consider the size of your table. Measure your table to determining the number of chairs you can comfortably fit on each side with ample elbow room. The rule of thumb is to allow 24 inches of space for each person about the dining table.

For a comfortable setting, you may need to choose a different chair height. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable when seated.

Depending on how much space you have you may also need to consider the width of the chair. If you don’t have enough space, small scale chairs or armless chairs are a great option.

Always do size comparison, whether you shop online or at an actual store. 

More factors to consider when picking dining chairs and table

  • do you want a classic style or do you want a contemporary table, a more formal look for a formal dining room, etc
  • would you like traditional chairs like wooden chairs, fabric chairs, metal chairs, high back chairs, bar stool, etc
  • what shape would you like your table to be? do you want a rectangular table, oval table, round tables, etc
  • what do you want your tabletop to be made out of? wood, glass, etc
  • do you have young children as that could affect the decision you are making

How to Pick Dining Chairs and Table Conclusion

The bottom line is that you don’t have to buy a dining set together. Have fun choosing the type of table and the perfect dining room chairs that will make your space unique.

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Are you wondering how to pick dining chairs? Set the proper mood with comfortable dining chairs and a fabulous table.

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