Design A Virtual Kitchen, What To Focus On For Your Awesome Renovation

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Are you ready to design a virtual kitchen? Let’s talk about nine things you should take into consideration when planning your dream kitchen.

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Are you ready to design a virtual kitchen?  Let's talk about nine things you can focus on for your home renovation.

Any renovation requires a big investment of time and money. It takes a lot of care and planning because, in many cases, if you get something not quite right, it will take just as much time and money to fix. You should always make sure that your focus is in the right place before you start and that you make the right choices to achieve your goals. When it comes to kitchen remodeling you’re dealing with thge heart of the home. The perfect kitchen needs to be practical, comfortable, functional and reliable.

Let’s start with what to focus on to Design A Virtual Kitchen

Are you ready to design a virtual kitchen?  Let's talk about nine things you can focus on for your home renovation.

The essential fixes

The first step is addressing any repairs that need to be made in the kitchen. This can include fixing any electrical issues, kitchen appliances, your surfaces and walls, windows and doors. You’re going to be left unsatisfied and likely more than a little frustrated if there are still lingering flaws that require your attention after you spend all that money and time transforming your kitchen.

Forging a new look

If your kitchen space is looking a little outdated, there are plenty of quick renovation projects that can update the look. Changing the flooring and countertops is a good place to start (this is not just about aesthetics as we will discuss later). Another way to improve the look of the kitchen is to try different colors on the walls and backsplash. You can also consider making updates to the decor elements such as wall art or knick-knacks you have in your kitchen. In addition, a simple and inexpensive upgrade is changing the hardware on the kitchen cabinets or replacing old fixtures.

Making cabinetry better

While you might not be able to change the cabinet placement, there are a few different ways to upgrade the cabinets in your kitchen. When it comes to their looks, painting them or refacing them with new cabinet doors is going to make a big difference. However, accessibility should be the key here and there are a few ways to do it. You can, for instance, install a pull-out cabinet shelf that takes up less space when it’s open. Another way is to get rid of cabinet doors entirely, which essentially leaves you with open shelving. It can help create a more minimalist look in the kitchen while also making it easier to clean since there are fewer surfaces for dust and debris to accumulate.

Are you ready to design a virtual kitchen?  Let's talk about nine things you can focus on for your home renovation.

Investing in better countertops

The most important surface in any kitchen is, of course, the countertop. It’s where you’re going to be doing the majority of your food prep and your cleaning. As such, changing your countertops is about so much more than just aesthetics and there are so many different options. Quartz countertops, for instance, require much less maintenance than other materials due to the fact that they are a more durable material than something like granite or wood. They are also easier to repair. Your choice of countertops can also affect other issues. While granite and quartz are much easier to wipe clean than wood, quartz has the added benefit of also being antibacterial. This is a great option that will help you keep the kitchen a more hygienic place.

The flooring matters, too

While you might not be preparing food on the floor, it’s still important. In real life, the kitchen floor is where the majority of dust, dirt, and debris will accumulate. However, you also need to consider your comfort when walking on it and how safe it is for your children. When you look at flooring types for your kitchen, you need to consider different styles that will meet your family’s needs. A new floor should meet some basic requirements to work well in the kitchen. A moisture-resistant or waterproof floor is vital given that the kitchen can be a wet room. However, choosing materials that are easy to clean, resistant to stains, and durable enough to withstand plenty of foot traffic is just as important and should factor into your choice.

Considering how you use the space

The kitchen is a room that needs to be functional. As such, it’s important to consider how you live in the kitchen and how you use it. Some kitchen layouts lend themselves to efficiency and others make working in the kitchen a challenge. One of the aims should be to create a “kitchen triangle” that makes it easier to get your work done. Interior designers talk about the kitchen triangle formed by the sink, stove, and refrigerator. If you’re thinking of kitchen planning try to create this uninterrupted triangle. The end result will be a much more functional kitchen.

Are you ready to design a virtual kitchen?  Let's talk about nine things you can focus on for your home renovation.

Adding more storage space

When you’re thinking about how you’re using the space in your kitchen then you also need to think about how much space you actually have for storage. Larger kitchens are likely to have no problem when it comes to this, but owners of smaller kitchens might need to come up with creative storage solutions. Outside of enlarging the kitchen, some of the ways to increase storage space in a small kitchen can include making better use of vertical space. Consider using hooks and rails to use spaces outside of cabinets, as well as attaching trays to the inside of cabinets where you have space. Using clear food containers of uniform size can make your foodstuffs a lot easier to keep and organize than using boxes of different sizes, too.

Improving foot traffic

If your kitchen is situated in one of the hot spots of the home, then people are going to come in and out all day. This isn’t a problem unless you’re trying to get some work done in that kitchen or you want to minimize the mess. For that reason, you might want to consider ways of diverting foot traffic around the kitchen. For instance, you can make sure there is a piece of furniture against the wall surrounding the kitchen, or use a kitchen island to separate the meal prep space from the other spaces, so that people are more likely to walk around the central area of the room than directly through it. This is especially important in an open-plan or semi-open floor-plan home.

Making it a more comfortable space

Aside from being a practical space, the kitchen is a space where you’re going to spend plenty of time, so it only makes sense to try and make it more comfortable. This might mean investing in more effective heating, perhaps even underfloor heating, as the cool, hard surfaces of the kitchen tend to get colder much more easily. Lighting is perhaps the most important element of comfort as it can not only make the area much more welcoming but also makes it easier to work. Good lighting will increase visibility and decrease the rate of accidents in the kitchen.

When designing a new kitchen, you can use the following tools:

  • professional designers
  • online kitchen planner
  • kitchen design tool or kitchen design program
  • software program
  • online tool
  • online consultation
  • virtual meeting
  • Lowe’s virtual kitchen designer
  • professional interior designer
  • kitchen planner tool or online planner
  • kitchen design app

Design A Virtual Kitchen Conclusion

A kitchen has to fulfill a lot of purposes and meet a lot of criteria. You might not be able to get everything you need in one renovation, so consider which elements are most important to you. Some changes are relatively inexpensive, such as changing the color palette, but others will be much more time-consuming and costly. You can tackle renovations over time so in the end, you have the kitchen of your dreams.


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