Super Easy Strawberry Soup

Super Easy Strawberry Soup
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This easy strawberry soup is tradition in our home for every Valentine’s Day.  It’s so easy to make and we all look forward to it every year.

*If you want to hear the story … it’s at the bottom 🙂

You’ll need strawberry yogurt of your choice and frozen or fresh strawberries.

This recipe is adjustable to your own desires and amounts.  I use 32 oz. low fat strawberry yogurt & 2 – 16 oz bags unsweetened frozen strawberries (thawed)

Place your yogurt in a blender.

Top with your strawberries.

Blend until smooth.

Pour into a container and store in the fridge.  Scoop out some when you are ready and enjoy!

So what’s the story on this strawberry soup?  It started a long time ago when my daughter was 3, she watched Blue’s Clues.  It was almost Valentine’s Day and she had watched an episode about a “Cafe Blue” or a restaurant episode.  Well for Valentine’s Day she decided that she was going to open Cafe Brielle and we were going to dinner in her restaurant.  We created and made menus for the event.  She got on her apron, & had a notepad to take the order.  She was so formal and serious about it.  My husband and I had to walk up together and she then took us to our seat.  We had the food ready, so she took orders and then ran out with the food.  She would then run around, tear off the apron, and come in through the other door as our daughter saying “I’m sorry I’m late” and sit with us.  She would excuse herself to run back, put the apron on, and become the waitress.  It was quite comical to watch her go back and forth.  Little did I know that this would become a tradition as my son was added into the mix after he was old enough to participate.  Now they are 16 & 12, we will be doing this soon again and I can’t wait.

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