How to Reduce Energy Costs in Winter that Actually Work

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Are you looking for how to reduce energy costs in winter? In this article, you’ll find several ways that actually work.

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With prices still rising and no end in sight, it will help to try some ways to reduce energy costs in winter, as the cold snap will last well into spring. There are many methods you will have heard of when trying to stay warm and reduce costs. However, here are some that work very well.

Are you looking for how to reduce energy costs in winter?  In this article, you'll find several ways that actually work.

How to Reduce Energy Costs

Maintain Your Large Appliances

White goods or large appliances like your fridge, washing machine, and of course, the dryer guzzle your electricity. Coupled with increased levels of use and rising prices, you can see your money essentially disappear. However, maintenance will help your appliances run as smoothly as possible. For example, your dryer will be inefficient if the vents are blocked. Hiring expert dryer vent cleaners will help your dryer run better at a time when you can’t dry clothing outside.

Reduce Energy Costs in Winter by Insulating Everything

You should know about insulation by now. Insulation is important and also required by law since about a 1/3 of the heat lost through the walls of a home that isn’t insulated gets out. So, making sure that your solid walls or walls with cavities have the right insulation can indeed keep the warmth in and lower your energy bills. Insulating your pipes can cut down on how much heat is lost through them, keeping your water hotter for extended periods and lowering your costs.

Use Standby Controls Properly

You can quickly and effortlessly cut down on how much energy you use if you remember to turn off the standby mode on your appliances. Just about all electrical and digital devices can be switched off at the outlet without changing their settings, which can save you money on your energy bill. Remember that you might need to leave smart devices like Alexa and the heating controls on. If you don’t, you might lose Wi-Fi access and have to reset your options.

Use New Technologies

There’s no end to the new technologies and gizmos that vendors are quick to peddle in times of need. However, there are some that will genuinely help lower your energy bills. These include:

Smart technology isn’t as expensive as it used to be. And you can begin the process of transforming your home into an energy-efficient smart home for less than a cup of coffee.

Locate and Seal Air Leaks

When cold air comes in, and warm air goes out, your electricity bills will go up because you will use your heater and boiler more. Sealing your home against air leaks is easy, works well, and doesn’t cost too much. Caulking and spray foam insulation will save on your energy costs. You can use caulk to fill in cracks and gaps between things that don’t move, like between door and window frames. Use weatherstripping on things that open and close, like windows and doors.

Reduce Energy Costs in Winter by Lowering Water Temp

Your hot water tank heats water to a certain temperature and keeps it at that temperature constantly. This means that your water heater just turns on and off, heating water to that temperature over and over, whether you are using it or not. But by turning your water heater down a few degrees, you can save a couple of money on your energy bills. The flow rate temperature for combi-boilers should be 50 to 55 C for water and 60 and 70 C for heating.

Seal Your Fireplace when Not in Use

In the winter, a fireplace is a great way to warm up your home. And when it gets colder, you’ll use it a lot more. But it’s just a big hole in your room, and cold air will come in through the chimney. So, when you’re not using your fireplace, you should keep the damper closed. But some people only have a fireplace for looks and prefer to use the central heating system. So, if you rarely use your fireplace, fill in the chimney flue and seal it to keep heat from escaping.

Some other things that can make a big impact on electricity usage include:

  • Dimmer switches
  • Solar panels
  • Getting rid of older models of appliances and heating systems
  • Make sure to have your HVAC units inspected and cleaned, including the furnace filters. A dirty filter causes your system to work harder. s
  • Consider a tankless hot water heater.
  • Use of ceiling fan to keep hot air down.
  • Do laundry during off-peak hours.
  • When doing laundry, make sure you are doing full loads instead of small partial loads.
  • During the summer months, try and keep your blinds and curtains closed to stop direct sunlight from coming in.
  • Place LED lightbulbs in your light fixtures
  • During the winter months wear warmer clothing and use more blankets
  • Keep your home at a lower temperature, studies show we sleep better at cooler temps.
  • Don’t heat the entire house if you don’t have to, and close vents and doors to rooms that aren’t being used like guest rooms, storage rooms, etc.
  • During cooler months use a door draft stopper to stop that cold weather cool air from creeping in.
  • Clean filters to keep airflow moving freely
  • Stop using your tumble dryer and air-dry your clothes
  • Invest in storm windows

How to Reduce Energy Costs Summary

For your own sanity and to keep your bank balance in check, you need to try as many ways to reduce energy costs in winter as ever before. Maintaining your appliances is a great start to increasing efficiency. But you can also try smart tech and seal your fireplace if you don’t use it. These are just some simple ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, and reduce the environmental impact.

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Are you looking for how to reduce energy costs in winter? In this article, you'll find several ways that actually work.

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