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Terra Cotta Personal Space Heater

Terra Cotta Personal Space Heater
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Our office can get really cold during the winter.  We think it’s because it’s above a crawl space and there is no insulation (something we should remedy).  I created this personal space heater to help keep me warm while working in there.  This is a simple and inexpensive personal space heater that you can move and take with you.

You’ll need the following:

Coaster (Mine are from Dollar Tree)

Tealight (16 count package at Dollar Tree)

Apple Slicer (I had mine, but you can get these at Dollar Tree.)

2 terra cotta pots, one smaller than the other. (Mine are from Dollar Tree)


Set the tealight on the coaster. The coaster is for protecting your surface area from the heat.

Light the tealight.

Place the apple slicer upside down and over the tealight. This step is what gives the tealight air so the flame will remain lit. I have had mine lit for over an hour a few times now and the plastic is fine – it doesn’t get too hot. If you are at all worried you can use an all metal apple corer/slicer.


Set the smaller terra cotta pot on the apple slicer and center over the flame.

Place the larger terra cotta pot over the smaller pot.

It’ll take a little while to warm up for the pots to warm up. When you’re done with it, it will need time to cool down before you move it.

I put this one by my desk. It’s great for a “hand warmer”. You can add up to 3 tealights with this one. I did try it and the plastic got warm after being lit an hour – again you can use an all metal apple slicer if you’d rather. For more warmth – You can make these with bigger terra cotta pots and make a larger space heater too!

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Comments (13)

  • I’m lucky, my office is upstairs and since warm air rises it’s never as cool as downstairs. Plus the furnace run is straight to the upstairs so there is very little heat lost. My downstairs tends to be cooler and when it’s cold outside, that forces the thermostat to turn on the furnace and then brings even more heat upstairs. LOL I love having my office upstairs. 🙂

    • That is fantastic Linda. My office is over our crawl space. It’s kind of silly really as we have a 3/4 full basement and why they didn’t finish the last 1/4 is beyond us. That crawl space just needs some insulation and that would really help. The cold just radiates up through the floor. This silly little space heater warms me up for now in the cold winter months until we finally get that project done 🙂

      • I have a friend who’s house is like that. He says the same thing! I get it when you say “until we finally get that project.” I have 2 started since last fall that never got finished (sigh) Other things were more important. After the new year I have got to get back to them!

  • This is a very clever idea. Thanks for sharing it with us on Share Your Style. Keep on keeping warm and have a very Happy New Year!

  • We´ve been heating our otherwise freezing stairways like that for years now (one on every second step) Instead of appleslicers we use a number of different glass tea warmers thus our little stoves even look pretty 😉

  • That is incredibly clever! I have a small space heater under my desk at work, but sometimes my hands are so cold, I have trouble typing. I could definitely use something like this on top of my desk to keep my fingers from getting frozen!

    • Thank you Christine, and I’m so sorry that it is so cold at your work. I get it, I sometimes bring a space heater into my job too 🙂

  • I tried making one in a very similar manner but it really did not work well at all. Perhaps that one called for battery tea lights. I shall try yours and let you know. Deb jones

  • I just saw this on Hometalk, I’m going to subscribe to your blog now. This is just an amazing idea. How did you ever think of this? I’m so impressed.

    • Hi, and I’m so pleased to have you join my blog family 🙂 Welcome! When I created this, Hometalk had asked me to do a Live show on their Facebook page. The concept was warming your home. They showed me some ideas similar to this, and I always get cold in my office, so I decided to make a small heater for my room. I’m sure the Dollar Store thought I was crazy when I was trying to build this, was using all kinds of things to come up with ways to make this 🙂


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