Up-Cycle An Old Step Stool

Up-Cycle An Old Step Stool
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I found this well loved step stool at the thrift store and I had to buy it.  My mom’s birthday is coming up and we had run across one of these before when we were together.  I has saw it at a local flea market and bought it.  She saw it and said she needed one too but there wasn’t a second one to be found.  I’m going to up-cycle this stool for my mom’s birthday!

You’ll need:

White Lightning Cleaner

Dixie Belle Midnight Sky

Dixie Belle Silver Gilding Wax

Dixie Belle Silver Metallic Top Coat

 Dixie Belle Gator Hide


Before you get started – clean your piece with White Lightning Cleaner.

First paint on 1-2 coats of the Dixie Belle Midnight Sky letting it dry between each coat.


Once the paint was dry, I took the Dixie Belle Silver Metallic Top Coat and dry brush stroke lightly on the step stool.  This creates a streaky metallic look.

Kind of reminds me of falling stars.

The picture truly does not do this effect justice.  It is so much better in person.

Once that dries completely and you have the desired look you want, use the Dixie Belle Silver Gilding Wax and wipe on around the exterior edge and in the center hole of the step stool.  You can use a rag or your finger and simply wipe it on.

After letting that dry completely, add 3 coats of  Dixie Belle Gator Hide following the instructions to protect it as it will be well used and get high traffic.

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