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2 Easy 4th of July Decor Ideas

2 Easy 4th of July Decor Ideas
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Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about my finds from Dollar Tree! With just a few supplies I made a light up LED tinsel wreath as well as found these amazing star dishes that have a couple different uses for and can’t wait to share…

These are the Dollar Tree dishes I found! Super cute, and if you cannot find these exact ones – they sell clear star dishes all year around.

One option – I bought these star shaped battery operated LED lights to go right inside of them.

Another option – serve up snacks during a celebration in them.

Okay this was super cool and I am so very excited about this! I found this kit at Dollar Tree that had 1 color changing LED plus diamond plastic scatter! Start by placing the color changing LED light in the center of each start dish.

Add your diamond scatter on top of each LED.

Set them somewhere to enjoy. Want to know what else – the LED’s are waterproof!!!

Okay next I made an LED tinsel wreath!

Start by taking your 14″ wreath form and hot glue on 1 strand of star LED lights around it. They were not long enough to go all the way around but I knew I was putting a bow on top so they wouldn’t be seen there anyway.

I then hot glued one end of tinsel garland (9 ft) to the top of the wreath form.

I then wrapped the tinsel garland around the wreath form. The first 9 foot garland took me about half way around. I hot glued the end of that to the bottom, and hot glued a second garland on and continued winding until I got to the top.

I hot glued the end of the second tinsel garland to the top and here is what it looked like.

I twist tied on a bow that I picked up at Dollar Tree. I hot glued on the battery pack last behind the bow on the back of the wreath form.

I turned it on and hung it up. I love the way it looks! Easy projects and so inexpensive – those are my favorites!

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