Easy Cinnamon Stick Candle – Great for Holidays and Gifts

Easy Cinnamon Stick Candle – Great for Holidays and Gifts
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I look forward to making this every fall.  Making this cinnamon stick candle is easy, inexpensive and it makes a great holiday decoration &/or gift!

You’ll need some cinnamon sticks.

Next you need a candle – I’m using a jar candle but you could do this on a candle holder, or right onto a pillar candle itself.

You have some options when it comes to gluing. I used a hot glue gun. It will let the cinnamon stick stick to the glass, but it is also to come off if you are using disposable candles. You could also put a tealight in that empty jar and keep it going. If you are gluing it to a glass candle holder (not disposable) or pillar you might opt for a different glue – one more sturdy to last.

Get your cinnamon sticks out and ready. If they are too long you can try breaking or cutting them.

Put hot glue on the cinnamon stick.

Put the cinnamon stick on the candle.
 Continue gluing and adding the cinnamon sticks all the way around the glass.

That is it, you’re done. Now you have a simple, inexpensive, holiday decoration, party favor, or gift.

I hope you’ll make some too, and if you do – please post pictures for me to see.

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