Serena and Lily Dupes on Amazon for Every Room in Your Home

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Are you ready to update your home decor and decorating with a modern coastal vibe? I’ve got the perfect Serena & Lily dupes for your home. 

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When decorating, it is good to shop a website or a brand’s Instagram for decorating ideas. But, when it is time to purchase, those same ideas you like may be unaffordable. 

Serena & Lily is one of my favorite stores. But, with a high quality brand also comes a hefty price tag.

Are you ready to update your home decor and decorating with a modern coastal vibe? I've got the perfect Serena & Lily dupes for your home. 

What makes a good dupe for Serena & Lily?

When purchasing a dupe from your favorite stores, be sure it is a match. Not all dupes are worth saving money. Instead, it may be worth paying the extra cost for quality. 

Here are three tips to consider when shopping for home decor with a very similar look:

1. Affordability: Consider the price point and where you need to save money in your budget. Maybe you spend the bulk of your budget on one favorite focal piece in the room and the rest are dupes. 

2. Design Similarity: One that creates the same aesthetic as a beach house. 

3. Quality: I’ve ordered some dupes before, and instead of dupes, they should be called duds. Read reviews and look at pictures to make sure you purchase a high quality product. 

Styling A Coastal Look With Lily Lookalikes

Consider how to integrate modern coastal decor into your current style. Does it even match in the first place?

A good practice when designing your space is to remove decor and accessories with bold colors. Clean out and declutter the room itself. With a coastal inspired room, it needs to have a light and airy feel. You will want to remove heavy furniture that will conflict with the light, clean design. 

Decluttering will help you envision dupes in the room and see what you are missing. Do you already have texture or rattan to build on? Do you have a cushion or pillows that have a good form and you simply just need to purchase neutral or navy pillow covers? Dupes are all about saving money, so consider where to reuse decor already in your home. 

42 Best Serena & Lily Home Decor Dupes on Amazon

If you want the look of Serena & Lily at a fraction of the price, these home items are for you. I’ve picked the best Lily pieces, like mirrors and baskets, to lighting, and found the best coastal style dupes from Amazon.

Living Room 

Try these Serena & Lily living room dupes:

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are always fun to repurpose from a thrift store. Lighter coffee tables for a coastal design can be hard to find.


This three-drawer desk has the same accents and design.


A stool is a versatile furniture piece and serves as an accent to the room. Small stools or footstools can serve as an ottoman.

Rattan Chairs

Rattan chairs add a light feel to your room and do not block views.

Swivel Chair

I like to add swivel chairs to living rooms to facilitate conversations. Swivel chairs make turning to directly face the family in the kitchen or on the sofa easy.

Dining Room 

Here are dupes for a beachy feel and dining room inspiration.

Dining Room Table

Bring in wood elements with this round table. 

Dining Chair

When purchasing dining chair dupes, you can budget in extra chairs for when you have guests. I like to store an extra dining chair in the corner of my guest bedroom.

Bar Carts

Bar carts are a great piece to add to a dining room or living room for entertaining and can complete a room. Here are affordable dupes.

Bar Stool

Here are two options for barstools with a back and without. The Riviera counter stool does not block views without back support and easily tucks underneath a counter or bar.


Create a coastal feel with these gingham tablecloth dupes.


Adding Serena & Lily dupes to your bedroom is an affordable place to start if you are updating your home. A bedding set and bench at the foot of the bed can easily change a bedroom. Consider adding an armchair too from the living room section above.

Bedding Sets

Here are dupe options for gingham, delicate white and navy-bordered bedding sets.


Adding a bench to the foot of the bed is an affordable upscale to your bedroom, especially when you purchase the dupe.


Lamps and light fixtures are smart ways to reduce the cost of decor. Here are my favorite dupes for table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant light fixtures.  

Table Lamps

Affordable versions of table lamps are a great place to start with dupes. See my top dupes for glass, white, and natural table lamps to blend in or create texture.  

Floor Lamps

Guests will not know this floor lamp is a dupe.

Pendant Light Fixtures

Swap this wicker dupe for the rattan Lily version.

Home Decor 

See where you can save money with these dupes for home accessories and other Serena & Lily products.


Mirrors increase the cost of a room makeover. Dupes for mirrors are a smart purchase and you can easily find a Lily style mirror. Here are our choices for wave and inlay framed mirrors.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper creates a fast room makeover for a small bathroom or an accent wall. See my favorite light floral wallpaper dupes.


Baskets are perfect for adding texture.


Beautiful and minimalistic in design, see our top pick for a lily version vase:


Here are two rugs I love for dupes. Choose between two textures and materials of a hand-knotted wool rug or a natural, scallop jute rug.

Throw Pillows

I mentioned above, that you probably have plenty of throw pillows and you can easily just purchase pillow covers. See our top picks of neutral tones and stripes to bring in a beach cottage feel.

Door Stopper

These are functional decor items that incorporate natural decor. Save money with this door stopper dupe.

Door Mat

Start the coastal vibe from the entryway. Here are mats for the front door that will welcome guests to your cottage. 

Wall Art

Continue texture in your visual field up the wall. These boho wall baskets bring warm tones into the room, too.

Serving Tray

A serving tray is the perfect home decor where you can save money. Use this dupe in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or dining room as a serving tray or to display accessories, like candles.

Shower Curtain

This shower curtain dupe is a perfect match. The edging of the tassels brings a small pop of color and detail to the white curtain. 

DIY Options for Serena & Lily Serena & Lily

Do you want ideas for a DIY furniture dupe? If you are thrifting or want to use a furniture piece you already own to save money, turn it into a DIY project. See my DIY furniture projects: 

I found a vintage 3 tiered serving tray for $6 at the thrift store, and I was so excited! With a little cleaning, sanding, and painting, I upcycled it to fit in my home.

Upcycled 3 Tiered Serving Cart

Once I was finished, I let the resin set for 24 hours to cure.

Easy Coffee Table Makeover

After letting everything dry the chair is done!

Up-cycling a Thrift Store Chair

One of the things I love about this table is that the sides fold down to a 2 person size. I have a very similar one that I inherited from my grandparents. You can see it on my home tour here.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs Awesome and Easy DIY

Where have you found good dupes? Let us know in the comments.

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Are you ready to update your home decor and decorating with a modern coastal vibe? I've got the perfect Serena & Lily dupes for your home. 

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