How To To Choose Wall Art: Easy Guide

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Are you wondering how to choose wall art for your home? Here is an easy guide with your home’s color palette in mind.

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Sprucing up your home decor can be a fun and adding wall decor to a blank wall is the perfect place to start. It may be a great idea to add color or personality with canvas art. You may be a fan of a certain type of art or want something like realistic portraits.

Are you wondering how to choose wall art for your home? Here is an easy guide with your home's color palette in mind.

There are plenty of ideas to choose from. Plus, there’s always something that is bound to fit your personal tastes and needs. This guide will go over what you need to do to achieve your home decor goals with canvas art – especially when you want it to match the colors of your home.

By the time you have finished reading this, you may have a few ideas in mind. So much so, that you might have sketched them out on a piece of scrap paper. Let’s dive in and discuss the following steps below.

How To To Choose Wall Art

Consider the color scheme of the room

To begin, it’s important to know what the color scheme of your room is. You’ll want to observe the entire room. Take note of the following elements:

  • What colors dominate the room?
  • What shades and tones are featured in the furniture, decor items, and curtains?

The goal here is that you’ll want to find canvas art that will complement the current color scheme. Otherwise, it will clash and it won’t look as aesthetically appealing. We get it – there’s a piece of art you thought would look good in a certain room.

The issue was that the colors tend to clash. And you didn’t want to repaint the entire room for the sake of a piece of art. Yet, it can fit in another room inside your house.

Now if you plan on repainting a room because of artwork (or something else), make sure you find someone that can get the job done. With so many choices for house painters, you’ll want to find one that you can trust. 

Having said this, let’s take a look at the piece of wall art. If you have a room that has neutral tones such as gray or beige, an abstract piece that has red or blue prominence in its color can be a great choice. Not to mention, it can add a bit of energy.

If the color of the room features bold hues, that’s when you want to consider something more muted. For example, black-and-white photography is the perfect option for an art piece. Alternatively, you could consider a painting that features soft pastel colors.

Think about the mood you intend to create

Needless to say, mood can play a huge role in the atmosphere of your room. You may use the room as a quiet sanctuary for peace. So it may be a good idea to consider a piece of canvas art that has soothing colors like blue or green.

The best choice would be landscape paintings. Or it can be an abstract painting. If you want something with a bit more energy and pizazz, then you may want to consider orange and yellow colors. Bold graphic designs and abstract shapes might be a good option here.

Consider the style of artwork

Next, it would be a good idea to choose the style of canvas art you want. It’s important to consider your interior design style as well as your passions. This could be classic decor, modern or traditional.

If you are someone that a prefers modern or eclectic kind of art, choose geometric pieces with splashes of color or abstract art. Or you might want to include something unique and humorous like cat portraits.

If you’re a cat owner, you might want to showcase your furry friend on a canvas. Then, you can proudly display it somewhere in your house. Your guests and family members will smile and even laugh every time they see it.

Canvas art has long been one of the best choices for home decor. The style of artwork may be based on your personal preferences. Again, you’ll want to follow the last two steps above – find canvases that match the color scheme and the mood you wish to set.

Once you are able to do this and choose a piece of artwork, there’s another thing to consider. Let’s discuss that right now.

Don’t forget about placement and size

The placement and size of the art piece should not be overlooked. You may want a statement piece in which case try choosing large wall art or an oversized piece. The issue here is that the wall may be too small for it.

At the same time, placing a small piece of canvas art on a large wall isn’t always the best idea. Your eyes will feel lost trying to figure out where that smaller pieces of art might be. With that said, you will need to consider the size of your wall including its height and the placement of the furniture and another decor.

In terms of placement, you need to follow a few guidelines. However, they can depend on the room you’re planning on hanging the art piece in. If you are hanging it in a bedroom or a living room, it needs to be at eye level.

If you’re in a dining room, it will need to be slightly lower than eye level. The reason: you’ll most likely be sitting in the dining room instead of standing. That makes sense, right?

When it comes to placement, you can be creative. One thing to know is that you don’t have to hang it up on the wall if you don’t want to. Alternative places to display it can be on a bookshelf or a mantle.

The thing you need to do is place it on a decorative easel. As long as it fits, it should be fine. You can also display your art pieces on a gallery wall over a couch or fireplace or even down a hallway.

There are plenty of different variations. Play around with a few sketches to see which one will be aesthetically pleasing for your room.

Custom canvas art is always good

If anything, custom-made canvas art is always a good idea. Finding the perfect piece of artwork can be a challenge. You might have thumbed through every page of an art catalog and nothing stands out.

The good news – you can order something custom-made. The upsides are you get to choose the colors, designs, and so on. The only downside is that the processing and shipping time will be longer than normal.

To be fair, it’s a necessary evil. It takes time to complete a piece of custom-made artwork. Yet, the shipping times may be the same compared to ordering artwork that is already made.

How To To Choose Wall Art Final Thoughts

When it comes to home decor, canvas prints could be quite an appealing option. It’s important to follow this guide with the steps that we’ve outlined above. Whether it’s a piece already made or if you want something done by request, it’s possible.

Once you have that art piece in your hand, you can hang it up. Remember, it will take a bit of planning beforehand. The reason is that you want everything to match and flow properly.

A piece of art with colors that clash with your decor won’t be pleasing to the eye. So be sure to carefully plan everything before making the next move. Your home decor project can be simple with a little planning.

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Are you wondering how to choose wall art for your home?  Here is an easy guide with your home's color palette in mind.

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