Wall Accents: Easy Ways To Add A Little More Personality To Your Walls

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Are you looking for wall accents? Here are several tips and tricks that are options to add personality to your walls.

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Do you feel like the walls of your home a looking a little lifeless? Perhaps you’re trying to improve the style of a room and you find that the walls tend to let it down. Well, you don’t need to do a whole lot to inject some style into them. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips on how you can bring personality and life to the walls of a room.

Are you looking for wall accents?  Here are several tips and tricks that are options to add personality to your walls.

Wall Accents

Hard to go wrong with some wall art

One of the easiest ways that you can add a little visual excitement to break up the monotony of a wall is to find the right piece of art to hang up there. It doesn’t have to be high art, either. It can be a framed poster of your choosing, or you can even make your own DIY light-up wall art to give it a bit of sentimental value, as well.

Get deep with your shelving

If you think your walls feel a little flat, then adding some shelves can be a great way to bring them out into the rest of the space. What’s more, if you install some shelving, then you also get to hang up all manner of plants, books, pottery, and other trinkets that can give the room a distinct personality of its own, creating your own focal point.

Put up a pallet

You might be looking to change more than just the aesthetic of the wall. You may well want to give it some sense of texture and depth, as well. To that end, a lot of people love to decorate their walls using pallets. You can bring a little more creativity and color to your pallets still with these pallet stencil wall art projects, too. There is all manner of designs you can make using the distinct depth pallets offer.

Make paneling the wall much easier

You might think that to change the texture of the wall in its entirety, you might have to invest in some kind of construction project but, thankfully, that’s not true at all. With the help of easy-install fixtures like peel and stick wood, you can simply attach real wood panels to the wall that both look and feel real. The distinct texture of the wood is highly coveted in many a home, but it doesn’t have to be hard to manage.

Find some practical use for it

Aside from the tip of hanging some shelves on your wall, there are other ways to add distinct practicality and character to your wall, as well. Lighting fixtures and mirrors are two common options, but how about the potential to hang up a wine rack, as well? Aside from making your wall look less bare, it can definitely add a level of sophistication and class to the whole room.

Other Wall Accent Tips and Ideas

  • create a gallery wall
  • paint blank walls
  • add other wall decorations and wall décor to bare walls like art prints, clocks, mirrors, etc.
  • purchase modern wall art
  • it’s okay to have empty walls
  • purchase oversized wall art
  • maybe you can sider a new window that give the space a new look
  • if it’s an outside wall you can purchase metal wall decor that holds up against the elements, then the next time your sit in that outdoor furniture you can enjoy it, and while your add it why don’t you add some of the following
  • outdoor ottomans, outdoor dining tables, outdoor dining chairs, throw pillows, etc You can create a room feel outside
  • change your wall lights and light bulbs
  • add diplomas and achievements to your home office walls
  • add some wood wall decor that has some texture to it

Wall Accents Conclusion

Whether it’s a little or a large change, hopefully, the tips above make it easy to bring some personality to walls that might look a little lacking in your home.

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Are you looking for wall accents?  Here are several tips and tricks that are options to add personality to your walls.

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