How To Make Moving Less Stressful: 4 Super Tips

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Are you wondering how to make moving less stressful? It’s a lot to move, especially when you have lived somewhere for a long time. Here are a few tips to help.

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Are you thinking about moving to a new property? Research shows that this is by far one of the most stressful experiences that you can encounter in your adult life. That’s why you need to make sure that you are taking the right steps to guarantee that it is as easy as possible. Here are some of the options we recommend you explore.

Are you wondering how to make moving less stressful?  It's a lot to move, especially when you have lived somewhere for a long time.  Here are a few tips to help.

How To Make Moving Less Stressful

Prepare Your Home

First, you need to make sure that you are preparing your home the right way. One of the reasons why a home move can be stressful is because a home might not sell as quickly or as easily as you’d like. The best way to avoid this situation is to guarantee that you take the right steps to prepare the property. This can include completing the right repairs or perhaps ensuring that you are elevating the curb appeal of your home

Choose The Right Moving Company

Next, when you have found your dream home and you know when you will be moving it is time to call in the removal men. You may decide to do this part on your own but it is much easier if you use a professional and reliable company like cross country moving for instance. Make sure you know what your moving company is offering you. Some will simply pack up your boxes into their van and drive them to your new location. Others will pack your stuff, load your boxes, drive to your new home, and unload them for you. 

Factor In Downtime

Next, you need to make sure that you are factoring in downtime when planning your property move. A lot of people think that they should spend every second of each day preparing their home and planning the move when relocating. However, this is a mistake and that’s especially true if you have children. Instead, you should be planning in some downtime where you can relax. You may even want to use this space in your schedule to explore the new area where you are going to be living. This is always going to be exciting and fun if you have children who are nervous but curious about the move. 

Make A List, Check It Twice – Moving Checklist

Finally, making lists is your friend when it comes to relocating. I love a good to-do list, it’ll help with the moving process and save you headaches. You can make a list for just about anything. This includes, what is in your moving boxes, the pros, and cons of where you are moving to, and what you need to sort out in your properties. There is a lot involved when it comes to moving house, especially if you have to sell your current property. You can’t expect to remember everything while trying to think about other things that need to be done. When you are in the process of moving, invest in a notebook. You will thank yourself later and it can save a lot of stress. 

More Ideas to make moving less stressful

  • Create your checklists in advance, know your timeline
  • Label your boxes to make unpacking easier.  You’ll get belongings in the right rooms from the start
  • Call your utilities company ahead to get utilities turned off on your move day, and on at your next destination.
  • Be organized for your kids and pets.  Have their favorite toys, snacks, blanket, etc available.
  • Pack your towel, toiletries (toothbrush), chargers, change of clothes, and other essentials last minute and label them.  This will make the first night in your new home move more smoothly.
  • Order your moving truck well in advance, and hire professional movers to help.  This will reduce the stress of moving and decrease your anxiety.
  • Order your cardboard boxes, bubble wrap (for fragile items), markers, packing materials and packing supplies in advance
  •  Don’t forget to stop by the post office and fill out your change of address to your new address

How To Make Moving Less Stressful Conclusion

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you can take to ensure that the stress of relocation is effectively eliminated. In doing so, you can instead focus on enjoying this new aspect of your life and get excited about what it’s going to be like living in a new place with your family. 

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Are you wondering how to make moving less stressful?  It's a lot to move, especially when you have lived somewhere for a long time.  Here are a few tips to help.

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