Awesome and Easy DIY Gadgets for Travel

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Are you doing some traveling this summer? You will love some of these easy DIY gadgets that will save you money and packing space.

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Are you doing some traveling this summer?  You will love some of these easy DIY gadgets that will save you money and packing space.

Traveling is an exciting adventure, but it can also be challenging. From packing and unpacking to navigating a new place, the list of things to do can be overwhelming. Gadgets and gizmos are a great way to make travel a little easier in this new modern life. There are plenty of gadgets that offer quick, easy fixes to many of the issues that you encounter on the road.

But gadgets aren’t always the cheapest things to buy, and when you’ve already cashed out on flights, accommodations, and a few posh restaurant bookings, there might not be much left in the budget for travel gadgets.

That’s where DIY gadgets come in. By making your own simple and easy-to-use gadgets, travelers can streamline their trips and make the most of their time cruising from Tampa or anywhere else in the world, without having to break the bank. Here are some cool projects for DIY gadgets that you can make yourself to help improve your travel experience.

DIY gadgets


Keeping mobile phones charged is absolutely vital for anyone traveling, which makes a portable phone charger one of the most important gadgets you can take with you. However, buying a power bank can be expensive. To save a little cash, why not make your own? All you need is an old phone battery case, a USB connector, and a few tools. Charge the battery of any mobile device, connect it to the USB charger, and you have a portable backup battery. This is the best way to make sure you never run out of charging power.


Travel pillows are a must for long-haul travel and help make long flights, train trips, or car journeys far more pleasant. But bringing a pillow with you, even one designed for travel, can be bulky and take up valuable space in your luggage. Why not just bring a large scarf and stuff it with soft materials like clothes or towels, before tying the ends together? Hey presto, you’ve got a travel pillow you can use anywhere and the best part is you don’t have to add anything extra to your carry-on.


Staying hydrated on the road is important, and environmentally-minded travelers will always want to avoid buying plastic water bottles every time they need a drink. A foldable water bottle is a cool diy gadget that lets you refill whenever you need to, without taking up valuable space in your rucksack. You can buy some great foldable water bottles, or simply make your own by cutting off the bottom of a plastic bottle and sealing the edges together with duct tape. When not in use the bottle folds up tight and hides at the bottom of your bag, or even in your pocket.


Entertainment is essential while traveling. No one will deny that a bluetooth speaker is a cool gadget, but bringing a bulky speaker can be a hassle. To enjoy your music on the go, make a portable speaker by cutting a hole in a small cardboard box, inserting a small speaker, and then covering the box with decorative paper. Add a USB connector to let you play music from your phone, and enjoy your favorite playlists on the move. Such an easy diy gadget!


In conclusion, DIY gadgets for travel are a great way to make your trips easier and more enjoyable without costing the earth. So, get creative and make your own gadgets today!


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If you have kids, grab some DIY Kits for entertainment while you travel. Ultimate boredom beater ideas include:

  • buildable robots
  • robotic kits
  • model cars
  • virtual pets

While you’re hanging out and have some free time, some great things I’ve let my kids tear apart and build whatever their hearts desired, or they just wanted to know more about.

  • Anything magnetic, grab a magnetic base and see what will stick to it, build sculptures, etc.
  • A magnifying glass has endless possibilities for creativity.
  • Grab tape measures, so much fun.
  • Tear apart things – anything from a light switch to larger items like an antique portable radio.

We have pulled apart VHS, DVD, an old laptop or computer, wi-fi antennas, etc.

So have fun, travel to that flea market, stop at that yard sale. You never know what you might find.

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Are you doing some traveling this summer?  You will love some of these easy DIY gadgets that will save you money and packing space.

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