Pottery Barn Mirror Hack

Pottery Barn Mirror Hack
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Have you seen these mirrors? I love them and want one but holy cow! $299 and up for these and that is just not in my budget. I created a Pottery Barn mirror hack using Dollar Tree mirrors.

Here is the picture of the original at Pottery Barn. It goes for $299!

I ran to Dollar Tree and purchased 9 mirrors, and 2 pieces of black poster board. Total – $11

I laid out my mirrors on my table, mirror side down so I could work on gluing them together.

I started with a little E6000 gluing all the creases between the mirrors. After letting that dry I also glued over all of the creases with hot glue.

Once the hot glue was dry and cool, I added a piece of gaffers tape along each of the lines and in a giant “x” to add strength.

I cut my 2 pieces of black poster board so it would fit the back of the mirrors. I hot glued the poster board to the back of all the mirrors for extra strength and a solid back.

Here is what it looks like after I finished it. It can go vertical or horizontal.

I used 4 command strips to place it on the wall. I love how it turned out!

Click on the video below to watch me make this Pottery Barn Mirror Hack.ย ย 

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