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Easy Placemats & Table Markers

Easy Placemats & Table Markers
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Something to do for the holidays plus decorate your table at the same time! These place mat & table marker projects are easy, inexpensive, and something everyone can do. Great for gift ideas too!
You’ll need:
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints
Cookie Cutters for whatever holiday you’re decorating for
Place mats
Optional Sharpie markers


Put your paint on a plate.
Dip your cookie cutter in your plate of paint
Press the cookie cutter with paint on it onto the place mat.
After the paint dries, feel free to color in with Sharpies if desired.
We made these place mats back in 2009 and they have held up this whole time, only the Sharpie marker has faded with all the washes.

The first one is mine, this one above is my son’s, he was 4 at the time he made this one.

The one above this is my daughter’s. She was 8.

The one below this was one the kids made me for Mother’s Day. It was all Sharpie marker.

You can use this idea as something to do while you have all the guests at your house. You can make it before hand, You can use is as a gift idea.

Onto place markers…

For this you’ll need ceramic pumpkins – mine are from Dollar Tree – and a dry erase marker.

For your table – use them as place cards/table markers.  Simply write a person’s name on each pumpkin with the dry erase marker.  The best part is the dry erase comes off for tons of use…

Bonus content – you can use these ceramic pumpkins all fall!!!  For Halloween, draw faces on them.  My kids love to do this!

For the fall season – write fun words on them and leave them out on display.

Happy Holidays!

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